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Someone to tell me: am I diabetic or pre-diabetic or nothing?

Hi guys.
I am a commercial pilot. I am 42 and man. My father had diabetes and no more in all my family don't have/had diabetes.

My weight is 101kg. and my height is 183cm.

As you know in flight our diabetic range so increased (even in Take-off and Landing)
In two years ago I had very bad situations in memory and of course my life.

In 3 years ago my diabete range was 110 (in morning before breakfast)
In 2 years ago it was 120
And 1 year ago it was 125
After that bad stress ages (bad situation in my life) it was 134 and A1C from 5.4 increased to 7.7 !!!
On that time I was mad so fast!

At that time I was so scared! And take diet and lose little of my weight and ate metphormin.
And now I'm eating salad and some days rice, chicken and ... (without any pills like metphormin)

Before breakfast between 85 to 99
After lunch (with normal and not diet food) it is 155

Really what am I ?
Pre diabet? Or no.2? Or nothing?

Can I continue my normal life? And some times eating fast food, grilled or ... like others?

Can anybody help me?
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With an A1C of 7.7 would expect you are diet controlled diabetic.  I say expect as I can not diagnose over the internet.  it take 2 A1c over 6.7 for a diagnosis.  You are controlling your BG so the next A1c might be lower.  

A note  carbohydrates raise BG ALL carbs raise BG... rice is a carbohydrate.
Thank you so much
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Hba1c of 7.7 would make you diabetic.

Considering you are a commercial pilot, it is very critical for you to control blood sugar, and to do so without using medications that may result in low blood sugars.

Suggest you look into low carb / ketogenic type diet.  This will give best management.   Rice, foods made from grains, sugars, are certainly not recommended.
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Thank you.
Today results:
Before breakfast: 94
2 hrs after breakfast: 164 (2 fried eggs , bread , cheese)
2 hrs after launch: 107 (normal rice , fish , S.. ❣️)

So fluctuated!!

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People can be more sensitive to carbs at different times of the day.  Seems that you are less able to handle carbohydrates at breakfast, than at lunch time.

Next time, try having breakfast without bread.  Have your eggs, cheese, some sautéed vegetables or some sausage / bacon etc.

This approach is called eat to your meter.  Basically you see how  your blood sugar is after eating and then you modify your meal accordingly.

High blood sugar is always addressed by reducing how much carbs you eat.  In order to have enough calories you may replace the carbs with more protein and / or fats.

Hope this helps.
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