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Sweetner in PreDiabetes

I am newly diagnosed prediabetic. I gave up artificial sweeteners over a year ago. I useblue agave for coffee and honey for tea. What can i sub without returning to artificial sweeteners. Thanks
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Well, honey is going to raise your BG its a sugar, all sugars are carbohydrates.  its carbohydrates that raise BG not just sugars.  

so whats wrong with blue agave?  
Stevia is good, others spike my BS, also I read that the leaf lowers your BS
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I've heard that Stevia is a good, natural option.
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sugar raises blood sugar, even honey and agave.  However, artificial sweeteners are man-made chemicals and also not good for health.

Stevia, as mentioned may be an option.  

An alternative is to simply become accustomed to having unsweetened tea and coffee.  It will taste funny for a few days but then you'll get used to the unsweetened taste and won't miss the sugar at all.
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I like blue agave but ut is 16 grams if sugar. I would assume it will up my sugars??
yes. if blue agave is 16 g of sugar then it will definitely raise your blood sugars if you are diabetic....  Likely the same amount as 16 g of regular table sugar, 16 g of honey sugar, etc.
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