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What is the risk of infection from sharing lancing device?


My mom is a diabetic and I was just wondering to check my glucose levels to make sure that I am okay. She has an On-Call glucose monitor. I changed the lancet in pen stick to puncture the skin and then used a new strip for readings.

So my question is that I used new lancet and strip so is there any risk of infection whatsoever? And also tell me that if i will catch diabetes this way.
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1. If you used a new lancet when you tested your blood sugar (using your mum's lancing device), there is no risk of infection.

2. Diabetes is not contagious, you cannot catch diabetes from someone.

3. Diabetes does have a strong genetic link (ie. it can be hereditary).  The best way known to prevent diabetes is by keeping normal weight, exercising regularly, and eating a lower carb diet focusing on unprocessed natural foods; meats, veges, eggs, etc.
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