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Whats going on with my blood sugar?

I suffer from some anxiety and such.  Last year I freaked when my doc told me my A1C was 6.0.

Exactly one year ago my fasting numbers were always perfect even though he said I had a higher than normal A1C.

Anyway, yesterday I ate 2 meat balls and a sausage for lunch while I work.  Weird choice of food, I know, but those were the least "Carby" foods.

That was at 3pm... at like 8pm(5hrs post) my sugar was 107(or close) and then at 11pm(8 hours post) it was 96.  

It took THAT long for my sugar to be below 100 again!  That was NEVER the case last year.  Last year it was a matter of two hours and done!

Does this mean my a1c is in the diabetic range and I'm full blown?

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Okay, never mind.  I just read the reviews for Wally world's Reli-On meter.

It is VERY inaccurate and can be as high as 30-70 points difference in numbers when comparing with other devices.  Not surprising when I paid $9.
your assuming its the meter thats wrong.

All meters are only 80% accurate... meaning there is a 20% error on meters.
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At 6% your a pre-diabetic  meaning you have not crossed the  magical line in the sand to become diabetic.  

The question is are you afraid of the lable diabetic OR are you afraid of the complications from UN-CONTROLLED diabetes?

If your afraid of the label do nothing and you wont get the label.  If your afraid of the complications then go get a GTT* (Glucose Tolerance Test).  That will give you info that you can use to control your BG so you dont get the complications.

* GTT to be useful must be done properly.  BG should be checked every 15 or 20 minutes for 3 hours to see how well you body responds to carbohydrates.
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I'm afraid of it all.

But mostly... I'm afraid of complications.  Heart disease, kidney issues, etc.

Just my recent bout of athlete's foot was enough to have me afraid.

I got the True2Go meter.  64bg after fasting for 16+ hours, and 80 at hour 1 and in the 70s for hours 2, and 3 after I ate a nice steak with mushrooms, onions, and a bit of A1 sauce.

It seems a lot more accurate.  Cause again, at pre and having eaten 2 meatballs and a sausage, and it took 13+ hours to get under 100!?  And it was like 118 according to that first meter 2 hours after eating those meatballs.  So it took my body 13hrs to go from 118 to 96?  No way.  

I am 5'3" and 146.2lbs, only 11.2 lbs overweight.  That crappy meter did motivate to work out even harder and have even less cheat meals though.

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Also, is it possible to be prediabetic and experience Neuropathy symptoms?
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142lbs now!  On a serious diet!

58 BG this morning.  But not hypo... not that I know of. Didn't have any bad symptoms.  In fact, I felt great!

Anyone out there?
58 is a Hypo Medically speaking anything under 70 is considered hypo.  Not being able to tell is called hypo-unaware and is a dangerous condition.  It can lead to dangerously low BG.
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58 is a bit on the low side.  

However, considering you are taking no medications for diabetes it may not be dangerous, though you wouldn't want to go much lower.  

Ideally though blood sugars stays in the 70 - 90 range for fasting and less than 120 after eating.

If you are prone to low blood sugar, then eat regularly.  Eat lower carb meals and stay active.
Thanks for the response.

I am trying to lose weight by trying a low cal, liquid diet.  Doc said I was pre-d a year ago, and so I want to try and burn as much stored fat as possible.  

I drink 2-3 diet shakes a day ranging between 140-190 cal each, and half a cup of non-starchy veggies a day.  

This is why the 58 didn't concern me too much, and remember... I have anxiety and I know about the hypo-unaware issue too.  

My BP is now in the normal range from prehypertension.  It wasn't too drastic... just numbers like 121/72 and sometimes 128/70, and 114/76.  Notice how one of the two numbers will be normal and the other in the pre-h range?  But now, at day 5 of this diet, they're in the normal ranges.
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