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Why are my hands and feet so dry?

I'm a pre diabetic and I was put on this diet by my doctor I been doing good I also excersice I walk everyday and walk up five flights of stairs everyday I cut all sweets my feet and hands are so dry they crack and hurt some times all I wanna do is sit and do. O thing but I still try I have 3 kids ages 10,8,2 yrs of age I'm only 29 And I'm 5'6 and weight 162 but my feet hurt so bad what can I do I bought the diabetic lotion and I also sometimes use Vaseline I wash my feet everyday and I don't know what else to do u feel like chopping them off sometimes can anyone help me please also to mention I went to a dermatologist and still nothing
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high blood sugars can cause foot problems (including dry skin), even at relatively minor elevations.

How is your blood sugar control?  Hba1c?  Typical fasting and post eating numbers?

Target would be < 95 fasting and < 120 2 hours post eating.

A good quality moisturizer may help (lanolin or coconut oil).  You can put this on your feet and then cover them in cling wrap or plastic with a sock over them (overnight) to help them absorb the moisture.

Try eating a low carb / high fat/ moderate protein diet.  The higher fat in the diet can also help improve skin condition.

Thank u so much for the tip I'm going to consider that I been dying to know why my feet and hands are so dry if I work out everyday could that help also
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I would get a pedicure every 2 to 3 weeks; this will clean up the dry skin.  Make sure to soak your feek in the foot tubs and put shea butter cream; that will help with the driness.  For the pain you will spray some "StopPain" to the cream and your feet will rest and feel awsome.  You can get the "StopPain" at wallmart or amazon.    Once you loose weight and acelerate your circulation, some of this will subside.  Also keep a journal; this way you know how many hours you're on your feet, sitting, running ...  

You will be surprise how our routines affect our wellbeing.  Take care and good luck.  
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