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Why isnt my fasting blood glucose going down?

my dr told me I might have prediabetes fasting glucose 110, a1c 5.7 so I've been following her advice eating better exercising more. i wasnt overweight but i still lost 6 lbs. i also bought a glucose meter and been recording for the last month. i eat 3 times a day at 6am 12-1pm and 6-7pm. my blood glucose on waking is 100-110, one hour after eating 130-170 depending on what i eat. 2 hrs after eating always < 120 regardless of how high the 1hr was 3 hrs after its back to 100-110. and then it stays at 100-110 until the next meal. why doesnt it drop below 100?

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Your body is no longer so good at regulating your blood sugar.

Why doesn't it go down?  You are prediabetic.  Ideally fasting blood sugar will be in the 80s (normal range 70 - 95)

If you want to try to get it lower (ideal), then you could ask your doctor about starting metformin.

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so my body can still make enough insulin to bring blood sugar down to 110  2-3 hrs after eating but when it gets into 100-110 range it stops making it for some reason?
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i talked to dr she say if i lost 5% body weight in the 1 month since the bg test, its a good sign, even though i wasnt overweight, still means i was eating too much carbs, should try longer with lower carb more exercise, too early to try the drug, does that make sense? can the fasting blood sugar be reset lower without the drug?
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every one is different, it also depends on how far down the diabetes path you have come.  try LCHF  and see if it works.
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yes that another thing, why dr tell me now that i am prediabetic, why not tell me before when i had high fasting glucose but still normal? i didn't know what the number mean then...
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If your BG is normal how can he tell you your pre-diabetic if you have normal BG?

I dont know how to be any clearer,  Your BG is too high.  if your BG gets higher you will be diabetic and need medication AND or diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise will help now too.
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