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a1c 5.3 please help.

Hello , i have a problem and need your help.
I am 23 y.o. computer engineer.

In past two month i had a lot of stress because of my family problems.
And recently ( around 2 weeks i start to feel bad).

Feeling of nausea , tiredness.

After i made multiple blood analysis  with Health Panels ( around 5 ) , and multiple doctors told me that i`m healthy and there are nothing to worry about.
But i was still feeling bad ( not extremely bad but feeling that something wrong).

I made couple more analysis
and i found out that my HDL ( good cholesterol) pretty low. ( almost on bottom level) and my bad cholesterol is high. Aswell as my a1c is 5.3 which is extremely high.

But my fasting sugar in almost all blood analysis is around 82.

Do you can is there is any way how i can solve problem wit such high sugar? I don`t want to live with Diabetes.
I already stopped eating food with sugar( already a week after i got bad results).
I started to exercise Daily 35 minutes swimming and 25 minutes running.
All my good is low Carbo ( Salads ( no salt) + fish/chicken + brown rice) and i`m trying to eat 6 times per day with a low portions.

I don`t have overweight problems, and my BMI was at the end of Normal weight for my height and age.

Also another question: Is having Ketones in urine is normal or not?
I asked a doctor and doctor told it`s completely fine if it`s not in a large amount.
I latest urine test came up Negative for Ketones.

Can anyone please suggest what else i can do to save myself from diabetes?
Thank you
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And i had one more strange symptom around one month ago: My palms and legs was getting wet during day and night time.
Right now i don`t feel such symptoms at all,

And i checked my blood sugar level in past Week period. It was always around 80-94
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An A1c of  5.3 is  normal, on the high side but normal.

have you tried testing your BG 1 hour and 2 hours after eating your brown rice?
I are a Lunch today which contained: Salad ( tomatoes, cucumbers, kale ) + ( buckwheat + Chicken).

right after  a meal ( around 35 minutes after a meal my GC was 125-128)
1h after i meal my GC was around 110-115
2h after a meal around 95-98
Also after 1 week of exercises (daily) and healthy food ( no bad food with a lot of sugar and cholesterol) i checked my sugar with a1c and it showed me 4.9-5.0. ( I made 2 test in order to get correct results)
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So sorry to hear about the stress you are having- and that you are not feeling well.  It sounds like your a1c level is within normal limits- did your doctor mention any of your tests results not being within limits?  Everything you are doing will help with any diabetes risk you may have, but it sounds like the symptoms you are having might be caused from something other then diabetes as all your test results seem to not point to diabetes.  If you are still feeling ill- call your doctor and see if they have some other thoughts!  Hope that you are feeling better soon.  
I showed all my blood analysis to my doctor  and he told that you are healthy.
I checked my A1C with a home test kit after 1,5 weeks of exercising and low carbo diet and it`s showed me 4,9 ( i  am not sure how much accurate is it).
Are you having any symptoms any longer that you are concerned about?  From what you have said, and what your doctor has said, it sounds like everything is checking out that you are ok.
yes, yesterday after stress i started to feel  burn at my cheeks and i checked the temperature and it was 101.4, after in 15 minutes i checked temperature again and it came down to 98,2. I checked my BG and it was around 80-90
Since you're diabetes free, it sounds like you may want to go back to your doctor to consult on these other symptoms. Trying some techniques to reduce your stress could be helpful, too. Here is an article from MedHelp.org and the Sugar Sense app that offers some strategies. Good luck!

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I agree with the others that it doesn't appear that you have diabetes and stress management is important; however, I'd suggest that you ask your doctor to test your thyroid function, as well.

Hypothyroidism can cause tiredness, along with high LDL and low HDL cholesterol.  You might want to check a list of other symptoms for hypothyroidism.  

The tests you need are Free T3, Free T4 and TSH.  It would also be good to ask for thyroid antibodies, to determine if you have the autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's, which can cause symptoms, before labs actually go out of range.  The antibody tests you need are Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)...

MH also has a Thyroid Disorders community you're welcome to check out for more information.  
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