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diabetes and med question

Hi...I had some blood work done recently and my blood glucose was 84. My A1c is 5.8.. my doc wants me on metformin, but everyone I talk to say no, don't do it. Just diet and excersice and weight loss is all I need.. even my friend who has really bad type 1 diabetes and take 6 needles a day says no way, do not take it.. you don't need it right now. What do u think?
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If you can do the diet and exercise... do it and if it lowers your A1c then you dont need the Met.
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Thank you. I talked to the doc. I'm going to discuss diet and exercise and I will see him in August and retest ;)
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Sorry I meant I'm going to do the diet and exercise
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since its carbohydrates that raise BG "diet" means eating low carb not just sugar ALL carbs raise BG
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So how many carbs should I consume a day...and sugars?
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An a1c of 5.8 gives you an average blood sugar of about 120.  Research has shown that for people who have a1c above 5, it will usually progress / get worse over time, unless they take action to address weight, diet, and exercise.  If you cannot get your a1c down with lifestyle measures, then medications become appropriate.  Consider that a completely normal, non-diabetic a1c if < 5.0.

Cut out all refined sugars, this will include limiting fruit, grains.

Look into adopting a paleo style diet.  The diet should be low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fats.  try to exercise at least 30 - 60 minutes a day, ideally after eating (exercise helps reduce blood sugars).

Would also recommend you get a home blood sugar meter and start testing blood sugars 1 1/2 - 2 hours after eating.  This will let you see which foods are ok and don't affect your blood sugar and which foods make your blood sugars rise too high.  This will also tell you how many carbs you can eat.  Some people can control blood sugar with moderate carb diet (100- 200 g/day), but others need to be more strict (< 100, or even < 50 g/day).  Target is to keep peak blood sugar < 120 (ideally < 100).

Hope this helps.  
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