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flat glucose tolerance curve

I had a glucose tolerance test(75gram)yesterday. My results:
-5.29(fasting blood glucose level)
-5.01 (one hour test)
-5.35 (two hour test)
My glucose tolerance curve is very flat. What does it mean?
I am waiting forward to hearing from you soon.
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I don't think that the doctors will say anything much about the flat curve.  Maybe even consider it normal.  however, it does bear monitoring over time, and do pay attention to healthy diet, plenty of exercise etc.
I had a flat curve many years ago.  About 8 years after that flat curve I got diagnosed with diabetes.  Doesn't mean you will be, but I believe it is worth being dilligent over in terms of lifestyle  and monitoring from time to time.
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Thank you very much for your answer. I pay attention to healthy diet and I exercise a lot and I still can not lose any weight.  I have been diagnosed with hashimoto's disease a month ago. My GP transferred me to check my glucose and insulin levels. Maybe that is why I can not lose my weight. My aunt has diabetes so I am may have diabetes in the futer.
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with hypothyroid you will have a harder time losing weight.  Are you properly treated?  Has your Dr tested Ft3 and FT4 (and medicated based on these levels), or are they just looking at TSH.

My hypothyroid diagnosis came 9 years before my diabetes diagnosis.  These are both autoimmune conditions and often seen comorbidities.

Low carb diet  may help with weight management.  I have also had to add in intermittent fasting, and it is still a battle to stay just overweight and not obese.

Hang in there.  Focus on healthy and active lifestyle.  Life can be good despite health issues.  though I have found we really need to be well educated about our conditions and our own personal best advocates.
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My Doctor has tested TSH, FT3, FT4, aTPO and aTG. Sometimes my TSH is very high but usually is in the normal range and that is why my GP does not want to treat me. I have to check TSH every 3 months and will get treated when TSH will be high all the time. Do you think my GP is right? I do not feel very well and can not get any tablets from him.
I have very healthy diet and active lifestyle- I cycle to work 5 days a week, about 40 minutes each way. Thank you for suggesting me low carb diet I will try to cut out some carbs from my diet.
P.S. Sorry for my English.
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Please post your actual thyroid test results and the ranges for all of the tests.
Top of the reference range is actually not normal, particularly if you are having symptoms.  I would be wanting a second opinion in y our case.

Please post your results.

Also, there is a great thyroid forum on medhelp where you can get more inputs.
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TSH 4.8 (0.3-5.5), FT3 4.27 (3.66-6.72), FT4 13.0 (12.4-20.4), aTPO 23 (<34), aTG 360 (<115).
TSH 1.310 (0.440-3.630), FT3 4.67 (3.66-6.72), FT4 13.4 (12.4-20.4), aTPO 26 (<34), aTG 304 (<115).

HDL-cholesterol 2.04 (1.03-1.55)
LDL-cholesterol 2.60 (<2.58)
ESR 26 (<20)
I am still waiting for full results of OGTT, acth, pth, cortisol, Ca, vit.b12 and vit.d3

Thank you for medhelp:)
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Looks like you have hashimoto (you have high antibodies).  In this thyroid levels can fluctuate, but overall will continue to get worse over time.  Most people feel best with thyroid levels for FT3 and FT4 at least midrange.  YOurs are below that for both tests, even though your TSH was higher in January.

I think you should ask your dr if you can be treated even with low dose  thyroid meds.  It may help how you feel.

ESR is high, indicating inflammation.  Maybe part of immune attach.

Actually, your cholesterol levels are not bad at all.  Your HDL (good cholesterol) is higher than range.  This is not a concern, it is very good.  Your LDL is only just at top of the range and this should not be so big a concern given that your HDL is high.  

Would recommend that you look into not taking statin drugs, even if they are recommended by your Dr.  and look into managing with diet and exercise (ie. lifestyle management).  

Please let us know when you have more results.
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Thank you for your tips. I have got some more results.
Vitamin B12, cortisol, ACTH are ok.
Vitamin D      6.7 ng/mL  (30-100)
Insulin 0'       5.5 uU/mL
Insulin 60'     25.2
Insulin 120'   27.6
I am still waiting for PTH result.
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Vitamin d is way too low.  You need to supplement with d3. Probable 5000 - 10000 iui / day. Check again in 3 months to guide on how to assist dose.  What are the reference ranges for the other tests?
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Vitamin d is way too low.  You need to supplement with d3. Probable 5000 - 10000 iui / day. Check again in 3 months to guide on how to assist dose.  What are the reference ranges for the other tests?
Ok. I will but d3 tomorrow. The problem is that I have not got the reference ranges for the other tests.
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