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little concerned

I'm 34, male, 6ft2, healthy weight etc. and no known conditions although I am taking mirtazipine for the last 2 months. I have a close direct relative, father, who has diabetes type 2 (diagnosed in mid 50s).

The last 3 days I've woken up in the middle of the night and had this strange sensation that I needed to pee. However it definitely isn't a strong, intense urge but rather just a slight awareness if that makes sense.  I didn't go the first night but the last two nights I've been and passed a fair amount of urine, e.g. last night around 1.2 litres. I've sort of put this down to the fact that I had roughly this amount before I went to bed. I tend to drink alot of green tea and black tea sometimes too, usually one big mug before bed. Yesterday I drank 2.5 in the late eveving.  However I did empty my bladder before bed but obviously it takes a while for it to be processed as urine?  

Reason I say all this, I realise that nocturia is a symptom for diabetes. However, I don't think I'm peeing way more than I should during the day and I'm certainly NOT thirsty or hungry and am not tired. Quick test of urine with strips and that came up normal. So my doctor mentioned that possibly this symptom is anxiety related. It just bothers me that I wake up in the middle of night and then have this slight urgency to pee as I've never had this before (even if it's not really intense, like that desperate feeling).  

Even so, I'm still concerned and so I decided to use my father's Bayer Contour meter and just test out my blood sugar level as I haven't done this in years. I did this about 2 hours after I had some breakfast which was 3 weetabixes, some oats/granola with about 100ml of semi skimmed milk -roughly this equates to around 13g of sugars (from carbs) from my rough estimate.
My reading was 7.0 mmol (126mg/dl) which I hear is just about ok for a post prandial, is that correct?  In terms of what I ate (and I had nothing else bar water), would you say that is a healthy level for someone without diabetes? Would someone with pre-diabetes have a higher reading after 2 hours with what I ate?
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Your breakfast was very high carb considering 3 Weetabix (mostly carbs, check the box), granola/oats (also mostly carbs), and skim milk (also mostly carbs).  

Your reading of 126 after such a high carb breakfast may be considered normal.

You might want to consider reducing carbs if you are concerned about diabetes risk.  Bacon and eggs with a side of toast could be a lower carb option.   Or if you really want to go low carb, with a side of vegetables.

At this point I don't see anything to be concerned about for your single reported result.
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