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please help me settle BS concern with GF

my wonderful girlfriend is type 1. i'm still learning what that all means. curiously asking questions she tested my blood sugar and it was 160 4 hours after last meal. she freaked. i've been testing multiple times throughout the day now and she is very concerned that my levels are all over the place. 40 riding Harley, 144 after fasting, sudden drops, prolonged 'highs' and now is attributing my numb limbs and wrist issues to diabetes. i have to sleep with braces due to 15 years on a computer. numbness is from nerve damage from multiple sports injuries / surgeries. i'm a business owner so i don't have insurance. she's pressing me to go to the doctor but i won't go here in the US. i promised her that if 80% of the responses here say i should fly down to Costa Rica (JCI accredited hospital) to get proper, affordable testing, i will. and yes, she gets to come and we get to surf :) Seriously though, are her concerns valid? should I get tested and if so what test(s) should i get? THANK YOU!!!
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Yes her concerns are valid BG of 160 4 hours after eating is high.  Fasting BG of 144 is high.  BG of 40 is very low and you risked passing out while riding.  

Being a T1 she eats and uses insulin to control her BG.  *most likely* you are a T2  for T2 many people find that eating a low carb high fat LCHF diet helps to control there BG.  carbohydrates raise BG even whole wheat will raise BG.  do get checked out sooner rather than later pssing out while riding will ruin your hole day.
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She may be right to be concerned.  I think it may be wise for you get some proper testing.  What she is observing seems not be quite normal...

Eating lower carb, unprocessed foods may also help .  You can also do some more testing; fasting, 2hours after eating and then before next meal to get some data.  You also then see the benefit of eating different foods; which make you high, and which don't.
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