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41 y/o male. I check my blood sugar as a preventative measure. My blood sugar in the AM is usually 85-92. I’ve been dealing with Covid and have been noticing it’s been 100-106 but will be back into 85-90 a few hours after eating or drinking. I was hospitalized back in late August/September with a kidney stone and near fatal upper GI bleed. During my 3 trips to the ER the glucose was high 112-125 which they said was because of the pain I was in. During my 3 day hospital stay the glucose was between 90-96. The most recent test was in December and that was 93. Is there any cause for concern? Or can a sickness like Covid cause glucose to temporarily rise. No symptoms of diabetes- thirst, excessive hunger slow healing cuts etc. I am trying to trim down about 10-15lbs. Any advice would be appreciated!
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Hello and welcome to the form. First, I think it is fantastic that you are concerned with your health and have goals related to such. Your morning readings are, as you know, normal. To clarify, you are saying that your readings as of late are higher than 100? How long has that been happening? I assume you are under a doctor's care? There is actually some data to support a rise in glucose levels with covid 19. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200713/covid-19-may-spike-blood-sugar-raising-death-risk#1 It sounds like you are within a normal range  regularly. I would continue to work with your doctor for guidance. And would guess this is situational. However, continue to monitor. Losing weight is helpful. And lifestyle plays a role as well.  Here are some tips in this article--    https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/ss/slideshow-avoid-damage

Let me know what you think. Best of luck to you.
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