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Blood Glucose Reading

Would checking your blood sugar level 3 hours after a meal be considered "BEFORE" OR "AFTER" a Meal.
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I am controlling my diabetes now for two months without medication. I set up an excel document and print it off , you can fit two months worth of info on one sheet, it's so easy to show the doctor trends, I include how many calories I've eaten per meal. It's really helped me. I've lost 30 llbs in two months and have stayed off of medication. Good luck with the blood glucose monitor, it's been a God Send for me~
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That would be considered AFTER a meal, or postprandial, as WR stated.  I think you're getting hung up on the fact that 2-3 hours AFTER one meal may be BEFORE the next meal.  Only concentrate on one meal at a time.

How often are you checking your blood sugar at home?  Be sure to closely follow the instructions of your doc, don't just choose your own times.  Also, be sure to keep a journal of your results.  Most glucose meters come with a log book.  If you don't have one, ask your doc, or, you can print one from the internet.  I like this one, although the printing process is a little complicated:


Just google "printable blood glucose log (or diary/journal)", you'll find all kinds of choices.

Hope that helps.
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I'm not quite sure about what you're asking. After has always meant following, later, or behind something or place, not before or in front.

To be clear, testing blood sugars 2-3 hours after a meal is considered after, aka postprandial. Before is called preprandial.
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