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Blood Sugars Continue to Rise Over 3 hours

I am a 40 yr old woman who maintains a very physically fit lifestyle with eating well and running regularily for exercise.  In spite of this, my glucose level has risen to 101.  My doctor was not concerned as I was already doing the proper things in my life to keep me from getting diabetes.  During 2 of my 3 pregnancies, I was borderline diabetic but never treated.  That is really my only risk factor.  However, in early November I developed some new symptoms that are debilitating and concerning.  After I eat foods with any amount of carbs or sugars, I get very dizzy and light-headed.  I also get a terrible headache a few hours after a meal.  It gets so bad at times that I wonder if I should drive a car.  If I don't eat things with sugars, I get very shaky, weak, and queasy.  My doctor decided to run a 3 hour glucose intolerance test (100 mg glucose) on me to see if that gives any idea of what is happening.  My test results appear normal, yet confusing to me.

My starting glucose was 101, at one hour it was 117, at two hours it was 119, and at 3 hours it was 123.  The procedure left me feeling a little dizzy at first, but it wasn't until I ate food after the appointment that I really struggled.  After eating a roast beef sandwich and a yogurt, I got so dizzy I had to lie down for well over an hour.  Then I got the most insane headache and became very shaky.  At about 5 p.m., I had a snack of a small orange and then I started to feel a little better again.  

So what I am confused about is...why did my glucose level continue to rise over 3 hours instead of peak and drop down like most people do?  And why would I get more sick after eating than I would having a 100 mg dose of glucose on an empty stomach?  My doctor is out of town for another 2 1/2 weeks and the nurse had really no advice for me other than sometimes your body produces a large amount of insulin after you eat which can cause this feeling.  So why didn't I get this feeling immediately from the test?  This is very concerning to me because each day gets more difficult than the one prior and know that something is definitely not right.  I need some advice because I don't know how bad I will be by the time my doctor finally returns from vacation.  Thanks for your thoughts.
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My blood sugar levels have been at 101 for the past few years.  I used to have very low blood sugar...in the 50's but I always felt fine.  After I had my second child, my levels went up to 85 and 101 after my third child.  I appreciate your thoughts as this has been very frustrating.
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Your issue seems to have more to do with hypoglycemia, rather than hyperglycemia.  

Your blood sugar level never did even rise to a diabetic level.  

The glucose you drank was pure sugar and it only raised your level to 123.. wow.  The roast beef sandwich and yogurt were mostly protein with the bun being carbs, but not enough to raise your blood sugar very quickly, which is why you got dizzy and felt bad.  

The orange, on the other hand, is almost pure sugar, so it would increase your blood sugar quickly, which would make you feel better.

Have you tested your fasting blood sugar levels?  Those are when you first get up in the morning, before you eat/drink anything.  Normal levels are below 100.  

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) often leads to type II diabetes.  I had hypoglycemia for years and now have "pre" diabetes.
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