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Blood sugar only high before breakfast.....why?

I am on a strict diet and excercising. Why is my blood sugar (122-147) in the AM. After meals it is 111. I take no meds and very healthy. Very confused
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I test when I wake up in the AM and a few hours after eating dinner.
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More to the point  Your BG numbers are high because you have diabetes.  what that means is your body cant control your BG so you have to.

Carbohydrates raise BG... all carbs raise BG.  Drugs, exercise lower BG.

Try testing 1 hour after eating that will tell you how high your BG goes from the food you eat.
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You probably have DP (dawn phenomenon)  Your liver is helping you to get going in the morning by providing energy in the form of glucose.  Every ones liver does this.  The problem is your body cant handle all that glucose so your BG goes up.   Metformin helps to reduce the liver output of glucose, Metformin also increases insulin sensitivity.

When do you test "after eating" ( 1 hour or 2 hours...)?
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