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Can I reverse my insulin spike to normal?

Hello friends,
I recently tested for the following and results next to them
Insulin,Fasting,Serum: My result value is: 14.6    Reference range is U/ml     5.0  - 10.0
Insulin PP (2hrs),Serum: My result value is: 80.2  Reference range is U/ml    29  -   80

These are my abnormal results, I'm 29 Male, 172 CM height and 99KG in weight.
All these quarantine i was eating excessive sugary and random junk foods. I developed a small alergy for that my physician asked me to take the insulin levels of my blood. This turned out to the shocking abnormal result. I'm at risk? if so if i lose 20-30kilos these spike in blood can be reveresed? Please answer,

Thanks in Advance
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I do nto see your levels given, a spike. My Medical Care giver, a practitioner stated; that one should be at 99. However i found out by others that was wrong.. that one should be 125-135 area. For me if i am at 125 i am grave ill, an if i am 135 or more i am grave ill. I was your weight, plus a pound; an shorter.. i lost under 200 a bit; but i found myself i am hypoglycemic; so i burn sugar off fast(i have to take in sugar every 45 minutes; give or take, depending how  active i am. More active ,more you burn sugar. Their ar new ways to treat diabetes, an it does not go with usual remedies of old for diabetics. Something i found out on my own, way prior to finding TED EX DR on Diabetes new method. I refrain from a lot of carbs, that give you spikes(like potatoes eat rarer),, i eat protein, an was told to eat protein with sugar foods; not to eat just sweets for sugar. A friend of mine who is diabetic, went into diabetic coma at 16.2; an he near died of.. took 2 weeks for them pump IV Glucose, an other things to get him healed an home in 2 weeks. We been telling him to lay off his soda pops, an his diet sodas too(hidden alcohol sugars). MY Aunts Dr told her, want to kill yourself; keep drinking the diet sodas. HE told her also, he rather her drink the real soda, an small bits off; than to drink diet sodas. I found a lot of fake sugars, an plant sugars effected me, migraines and sick stomach(Also could be my histamine intolerance disease(pollen issue from plants in foods, an chemicals). MY Dr told me to eat smaller meals, more a day if needed than 3 times; that it was better than 3 large meals; to kick in the spikes. Dr also told me i could not eat just fruit, that i always done ;thinking it be healthier.. Apple a day keeps dr away.. yea right.. not. I loved apples, any fruit; an could eat 1-4 apples in a day, if i chose it for my meals that day. Dr told me to eat 1/4 a apple maybe.. ITS SUGAR.. Sucrose, Fructose, and glucose.. Sugar. Our Own bodies also make its own sugar; an what we eat adds to it. "When you're not eating – especially overnight or between meals, the body has to make its own sugar. The liver supplies sugar or glucose by turning glycogen into glucose in a process called glycogenolysis".- The Liver & Blood Sugar :: Diabetes Education Online. I Drink more waster, than beverages; so i can eat a bit more if hungry. I only eat if i am hungry, or in need of sugar. I Am type 2 they said, an i am also the hypo an or; an was told by dr to always carry candy in case i have drop outs. I dropped out often, till i figured out i was hypoglycemic; as in crashed hard an hurt do to. When drops out happen, ya feel like ya near death; an even bowel movements apply, like one whom dies does so. I got dizzy.. clammy cold, sweaty, shakes like a branch in a storm. Also headaches to migraines. Your body changes a lot during sugar level changes; even eyes swell, burn, hurt, itch, can cry for no reason, dry eyes a lot too. Hearing is high when sugar is bad off, to point noises bother you more. YA stomach feels like ya extreme hungry for days; an stomach pains get severe, but ya not really hungry sometimes, just sugar is way to high or too low. YA legs an body can itch badly, like things crawling or biting you; its your veins lack , or too much sugar doing it. Within moments of eating, or lowering sugar level; nerves settle. I even have one eye lower by inch or more, when sugar is way off, lids swell tremendous, wrinkles show more at these times. Sugar level correct ya have less wrinkles. YA get hot an cold do to changes of sugar; i learned to use this to stay cooler or hotter; but have to be careful doing so, you do not want to crash. I find it better to stay a little higher; than to be too low an drop out into crash. IF You crash, an lay there in coma state; you could die before you get help. Friend suggested frosting in a tube, for quick sugar. i usually had tub in house for, but not bought tube yet. Also can get sugar packs for carrying, See Dr on TEd .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da1vvigy5tQ . Not sure if links allowed on site.. Also meds can play with sugar levels. I had issues with metformin, an its in lawsuits for now a days. I Also had issues with Januvia..  I wuit all my meds near 3 years ago, including my thyroid meds.. i been fine. Give an take, but i been fine; an 22 less pillls to take. I wish ya well.. AN God bless. I rare catch these replies, if i see it i will respond though.
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Your high insulin levels are a good warning for you about the need to change your diet.  High insulin now may lead to a diagnosis of diabetes in the future.  High insulin levels also increase risk for heart disease and other illnesses.

Fortunately it is pretty easy to change insulin levels, though it does take some lifestyle changes.

Most important is to cut sugar intake.  But not just sugar, also carbs (which come from grains, starchy veges, and also fruit), and particularly those from processed foods.

Losing weight and increasing physical activities can greatly assist in reducing insulin levels as well.

Please come and ask more questions if we can help further..  
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Hello and welcome. As you clearly see, diet plays a role in our insulin production. Your daily habits and changes you make for them for the better will improve your numbers most likely. Please speak to your doctor about this for guidance specific to you.  

This article may help you as well.  https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/14-ways-to-lower-insulin#:~:text= 14 Ways to Lower,amounts of insulin...

Your dietary choices are important to be mindful about. Things like a more low carb diet are often recommended. Limit sugar. Watch portion control and maintain a healthy BMI weight. Also, regular physical activity helps if your doctor feels you are up to that.  
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