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Can stress make someone be diabetic?

I don't have diabetic history but my FBS is 6.2.  I stress myself a lot to get food on the table for  my family. hope this is still manageable.
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Hello and thank you for your question.  We appreciate your coming to our forum to discuss this.  Please also make sure to talk to your doctor.  Stress, can in fact, be a contributing factor to developing diabetes.  The American Diabetes Association takes this stance on the topic and says that it can happen in two ways.  First, when stressed, many do not adhere to proper eating habits.  And second, stress hormones can directly alter glucose levels.  In this way, managing stress is important regarding diabetes.https://www.diabetes.org/diabetes/mental-health  

Since your numbers are elevated, it will be important to look at your life as a whole and address what things you can.  Lifestyle changes can be very helpful which involves a healthier way of eating, a low carb and sugar diet, getting regular physical activity, rest and losing weight if you need to as well as minimizing stress wherever you can.  Please let us know how you are doing!
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Hi, an FBS of 6.2 (116) is high.  Normal cut off is about 5.3 (95).  Would suggest that you should have an hba1c test done.  This test looks at average blood glucose levels over the past 3 months.  Or test your sugar levels about 2 h ours after eating to see what your levels are.

Stress is not typically considered to cause high blood sugars in normal people.  You may be on the way to developing diabetes.  Suggest you look at lower carb way of eating, exercise, weight management (if you are overweight) and look further to how you can prevent this developing.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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