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Glucose and white blood cells in urine?

I'm 40 male, 5'8", 140lb, white, British.

I've been experiencing frequent urination but no other symptoms. I went to the doctors today and they gave me a urine test.

She said there were traces of glucose and white blood cells in my urine. She has asked me to go in for a blood test and I think a Prostate psa test.

I'm worried it could be something serious?
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Great to hear that everything looks normal.  To be safe, follow healthy diet (lower carb) and get annual screening for diabetes.   best health to you!
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Hi Bflare,

how were your results?

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Hi Super Sally. I get the results on Thursday. I will let you know. Thanks for asking.
Hi Super Sally. I got my results yesterday & everything was fine! I must have had a spike in glucose when I did the urine test & the urine test cannot be that accurate. Thanks for your help & concern :)
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Traces of glucose in your urine and wbc could be indicative of a urinary tract infection.  If your symptom are just due to this it should be readily treated with an appropriate antibiotic and hydration.

However, with the finding of glucose in your urine, you should also be checked for blood sugar levels.  Hopefully the dr with check fasting glucose and Hba1c (3 months average blood glucose).  If levels are found to be high, it may also be recommended that you are tested for antibodies and c-peptide (an indirect measure of insulin levels) to determine what type of diabetes you have (type 1 or type 2).

If you do have diabetes a low carb diet along with appropriate medications and lifestyle measures may help you get this under control quickly.

Hope this helps.   Please let us know how you are going.

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Thank you for your reply. The doctor has booked me in for a blood test tomorrow morning at 9:40am & she has also asked for a PSA test.
The psa is just a routine test checking a marker for prostrate. Let us know how you go with your results. Hoepfully all will be clear.
I will do & thanks for your help.
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