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Help me!!!

I am afraid whether I am diabetic or not?

For past few days I am feeling more thursty, my left leg pains irregularly. I used home machine to calculate sugar level. I ate maggi, a chocolate and piece of a cake last night and after 1 hour blood sugar level was 144.

    In the morning after 7 hours of having my meal it was 130 .

  Please help me I am very afraid.. Please help me...
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When individuals learn they have been suffering from diabetes, the first reaction is often to have anxiety. They wonder what they should do now and how. These concerns can easily be answered with a little guidance on someone who is suffering from diabetes, which is something that the following content is going to provide you with.

If your doctor informs you that your Diabetes pills aren't doing enough to keep your glucose stages levels in check, don't succumb to anxiety. You won't necessarily have to use needles as blood vessels insulin pencils are now available that provide you the amount you need without being painful. If you can't afford these pencils, some medication have programs to assist you.

If you're having trouble discovering companies in your area that can help you get help with your Diabetes, you can ask your nurse or health care provider. The United Way can point you in the right direction towards companies and other companies who will help you get reduced supplies and medications so you can keep in good health.

If you're feeling pressured and confused by your condition of suffering from diabetes, seek out a assistance group. Being able to talk to individuals who understand the issues you're going through can be a great resource of comfort. People may also be able to suggest ways to manage your disease that you'd never thought of before.

To decrease your chance of creating more suffering from diabetes, stop cigarette smoking. Smoking increases your blood-glucose stages, which significantly improves your chance of suffering from diabetes. Giving up cigarette smoking can lead to excess weight, but working out and dieting is an easy way to deal with that issue. Anyone with a genealogy of suffering from diabetes should be sure not to smoke.

Following the USDA Meals Information Chart will help you to remain healthier when you are suffering from diabetes. The food guide pyramid was developed as information for eating healthily for everyone. It works for individuals suffering from diabetes, too. The shape of the pyramid informs you how much to eat of different foods.

Try to avoid soda and other sweet beverages. There are no health advantages from drinking these beverages and can in fact, cause your glucose stages to go higher. If you are going to drink juice, try to stick to ones that have no glucose in them.

There is no cure for Type II Diabetes. You may be able to keep it at bay by losing the fat that causes blood vessels insulin resistance, but it will always be there waiting for you to take your body back over. Keep on track with your daily eating plan changes and increase in work out for the rest of your lifestyle.

In conclusion, figuring out that you have been suffering from diabetes can be a very tough time. Many concerns run through your mind. But learning about diabetes can make a world of a difference. This content has given you crucial guidance that you can use to learn how to remain a proper and balanced and normal lifestyle while suffering from diabetes.
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Glucose should be within normal limits 2 hours after eating.  That is why Dr. Prefer 2hr post or fasting blood sugar
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Fasting of 130 too high, please see a MD.  

In the mean time, we do know eating carbohydrates (ALL Carbs not just sugar) raises BG (blood sugar).
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Now exactly after 8 hours it is 114.
      my weight is 105kg, height is 5 ft 9inch and age is 22 years.

It might be helpful information...
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