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High albumin in urine


I just made analysis. Just for screening, I don't feel any problems in life.

As a result I have got high albumin in urine(0.25 g/L, negative = <0.1). I have surfed internet and major of them say it should be connected with Kidney Disease of Diabetes but the most interesting is that in blood analysis every indicator is within normal range, except hematocrit, which is little low 42.9% then normal(43%-49%).

Also glucose test shows following:
GLUC fasting: 5.18 mmol/L, normal range ( 4.11 - 5.89 )
GLUC after 2 hours: 6.32 mmol/L, normal range ( < 6.6 )

So my question is: Are GLUC results and normal blood indicators strong enough reasons to exclude diabetes and say that I have no diabetes at all, or not?

P.S. I started the analysis mostly for endocrinological disease, appears I have high TSH(4.76, normal 0.4 - 3.77) and FT4(21.71, normal 12.87 - 20.6)

I can provide more details from analysis if necessary.
Any help appreciated.
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You don't appear to have diabetes from the provided results.  An alternative monitoring test would be Hba1c, which gives average 3 month blood sugar results.

Your thyroid results would need follow up though, and with likely additional testing as typically both TSH and FT4 would not be high (they should test FT3 now, and antibodies, to try to get a better picture).

Go across to the thyroid forum with your results.  They are very helpful over there.  
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You should post a thread with your TSH and Free T4 in the Thyroid Disorders Community.  Do you have symptoms of a thyroid condition?  

You can access the Thyroid Disorders community via the following link:
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