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Is there a possibility to have DM type 2?

Hello community.

About a year ago, my doctor ordered me pre and post prandial glucose tests. Actually I don't remember the numeric values, but as far as I remember, glucose levels were normal (even close to the minimun threshold).

Since a couple of weeks ago, I've had frequent urination, especially at nighttime (nocturia) and this freaked me out about having Diabetes type 2. I have no dryness in the mouth or skin, no dizziness, no weakness or another diabetes-like symptom.

I have heard that one have to be at least in pre-diabetic stage in order to have established DM type 2. Is it true?

In my case, that I had normal glucose levels and no evidence of pre-diabetes 12 months ago, is it likely that my symptoms are due to established DM type 2?

In advance, thank you all.
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Hi Joaquin,

Your Hba1c result of 4.9 is excellent and totally normal.  From this result it is unlikely that you are currently at risk of T2D.

Of course, even with this great result, take all measures to stay healthy; exercise, avoid processed and sweet foods.

If you continue to have "symptoms" that concern you, please also check with y our doctor to rule out any other possible causes.

As part of regular monitoring, it is a great idea to repeat Hba1c annually.  With this you will see any trends of concern.

Wishing you very well.

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Welcome here.

It is possible for diabetes to develop rapidly or slowly, though T2 typically does develop fairly slowly over time.

Thus, the only way to know for sure if there is any concern is to get some blood sugar check.  

If you have access to a home blood glucose meter you can check at home.  Fasting should be < 95, post eating should be < 120 - 140 to be considered normal.

Fasting blood glucose and Hba1c could also be tested by your doctor.

Please get checked out and let us know how you go.

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Thank you very much for your kind response.

Today I got tested for Hba1c and it came out 4.9%.

Does this result rule out T2? Can I say now that I'm fine?

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