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Metformin?? Am I prediabetic

My endocrinologist prescribed metformin.I have family history in diabetes 2 (my father has Hashimoto like me and also type 2 diabetic). I have gained weight (about 5 kgs but it seems like at least double that) which I cant lose unless I starve literally.I am now eating around 800cals a day and still cant lose.

Results of my blood test
Fraction Hba1c 5.0
Hba1c 31
Total Hba1ac 5.8

Fasting glucose was 86

I am sceptical as to whether or not I should take it, since I am not diagnosed as a diabetic on the other hand I am about 5 yrs earlier than my dad was when he was diagnosed maybe my dr wants to be a step ahead?

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Хуже не будет. Принимайте. translated to, it's not going to get any worse, take.
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Hm, yes, I can see your concern.  Your fasting glucose is still within normal range.  Your Hba1ac at 5.8 is also within normal.  I wonder if they are assuming you are going to move past prediabetes to diabetes but am not sure I'd want to be treated just yet either.  800 calories a day hardly seems sustainable.  Are you male or female?  Some women that have PCOS who gain weight and have other issues are sometimes prescribed Metformin.  But that would obviously only apply if you are female and surely your doctor would discuss that with you.  I think you need to talk to your doctor to get a full picture of why he thinks the med is necessary.  
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