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Pre-Diabetes Concerns

I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and I'm going back to my primary doctor with questions about being insulin resistant. I constantly feel fatigued and light-headed, constant mood swings, and if I haven't eaten in a while (resulting in low blood sugar), or eat something with high sugar in it (resulting in high blood sugar), my symptoms worsen.

As a prediabetic, and possibly insulin resistant, should I be testing my glucose levels regularly? Should I go see an endocrinologist?
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Eating a balanced diet low in carbohydrates and maintaining a healthy weight can help lessen the symptoms of PCOS. They also help to lower blood sugar levels. Regular exercise helps weight loss and also aids the body in reducing blood glucose levels. This helps the body use insulin more efficiently.

"As a prediabetic, and possibly insulin resistant, should I be testing my glucose levels regularly?"
Yes. Test times and necessary lifestyle changes one needs to make are mentioned often in other threads on this forum. If you care not to read them post back.

"Should I go see an endocrinologist?"
Not really necessary in a prediabetes stage. As long as you understand how to control and manage your lifestyle to prevent the prediabetes from escalating into full blown diabetes you will be OK. Work on getting your PCOS under control. This will help get your prediabetes under control, and possibly return your blood sugar levels back to normal. Other posters more familiar with PCOS may come along with additional comments. Good luck -
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You received excellent advice from WaveRider above.  The only thing I'll add is be sure to write all of your questions for your doctor down before your next appointment, so you don't forget anything you wanted to ask him/her.

With pre-diabetes, diet control and weight management are crucial.  You could also ask your doc for a referral to a nutritionist, who can help you learn what foods to avoid and how to incorporate a healthy diet that will help you manage your glucose levels, and help with weight loss.

Good luck, let us know how you're doing!
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I should also add that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), where insulin resistance and high glucose levels is common.
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