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Pre-Diabetes - Itchy, Dry, Feet

My A1C has never been reported to be higher than 6.0.  Was told I was prediabetic.

I’ve gone on Keto, and haven’t had an A1C score above 6.0.  Last time I think I was 5.7 or 5.4.  And the times I’ve checked my blood sugars they’ve always been normal.

But lately my feet have been insanely dry.  And on top of my right food I’ve gotten really itchy.  So much so that I scratched it to oblivion causing 4 small little dot-like scabs.  

Not sure if I should be concerned.
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You need to make sure you continue to eat low glycemic foods to keep your glucose levels down.  At 5.7, you'd still be pre-diabetic, but you can lower that even more.   You don't mention any exercise.  That can go a long way toward helping to keep glucose levels in check.  

As for the dry feet - it's winter time and dry skin is normal this time of year.  Beyond that, there are other conditions that cause dry skin, such as hypothyroidism and dehydration.  Have you tried putting a moisturizing lotion/cream on your feet to see if it helps the itching?  You should moisturize your skin a couple of times/day during winter, more if you're not drinking enough water to stay hydrated.  

I have hypothyroidism, along with pre-diabetes - add in winter and the bottoms of my feet are cracked in numerous places because I haven't moisturized enough.  You might give it a try for a few days and see if it helps.
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