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I have been pre-diabetic for almost 1.5-2 years now. I have had tingling sensation all over the body, Numbness in feet and slight neurotic pain in the legs below knees. And I have been having these bumps on my penis and pubic region for the same amount of time. I have been negative for STDs. And recenly the tingling, itching is mostly in the groin area. My vision seems to be blurred since yesterday. My fasting sugars right now range between 104 -118. Please let me know why metamorphin is needed .. would it delay onset of full diabetes. And is there a way to prevent full diabetes in this pre-diabetic state. Thanks.
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Prediabetes is a state that can be reversed easily. You do this by maintaining proper body weight, eating a proper nutrition free of sugary foods, avoiding white foods - potatoes, pasta, white rice - and restricting carbohydrate food intake. Along with this is daily 30-60 minute exercise which helps burn off excess glucose. If you live near an indoor mall go there before stores open and walk the aisle ways. Its a great free place to beat winter conditions.

Your tingling and numbness can be signs of nerve damage that can be verified by a doctors evaluation. An Ophthalmologist can check your vision issue too. Good luck
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I read the Atkins - New Diet Revolution book. I read reviews on Yelp about it and people have had different experiences (Good and bad) with it. What do you experts out here say and ppl who have been on it please do post your experiences. I am pre-diabetic and normal BMI what phase should I get on if I wanted to do it, I would mainly do it to bring down my sugars. Thanks much.
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Your dad is correct, disruptive sleep patterns caused by sleep apnea have been linked to elevating glucose levels and diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of energy, moodiness, and cardio unrest. Getting a good nights rest is one key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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Just one more thing. I have Sleep Apnea (excessive snoring) and my dad has it. My dad told me that blood sugars would be higher due to this. He uses the sleep apnea machine and before he used it he told me his blood sugar was higher and after its been lower.  
I have not got any tests done for sleep apnea but I snore loudly and have been since age 23 and now I am 28 (male).  Since I am pre-diabetic would getting treated for sleep apnea lower blood sugar?

Thanks much
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                       * Please take the time to carefully read my responses.*

"it took about 5 mins to fill up the collector. So you think it went right?"
No, 5 minutes is too long of time to collect a sample. In the previous post re-read the last sentence in paragraph 2. If you're still confused on how to correctly use the meter contact Bayer Customer Support @ ***@**** or by calling 1.800.348.8100.

"Is 4.8 on the meter high or low .. what does it indicate?"
Who knows? Re-read paragraph 2 in the previous post.

"I did not quite understand carb sugars?"
Explained in previous post. Re-read paragraph 3.

"do I have to be strict about 6-12-12 carbs diet?"
Read the book then decide. Re-read paragraph 4 in the previous post.
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- I did it as per the instructions and I bought this A1C meter at walmart. Only doubt I had was the first lancet use did not fill up the collector enough so I had to use lancet 3-4 times and it took about 5 mins to fill up the collector. So you think it went right?

- Is 4.8 on the meter high or low .. what does it indicate?
- Nutrition facts on the back have carbohydrates in grams and sugars in grams ... I did not quite understand carb sugars?
- I am going to buy the book Dr. Richard Bernstein but I read about it on Wikipedia and it says 6-12-12 formula so do I have to be strict about 6-12-12 carbs diet?
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It's good to see that you are willing to make necessary lifestyle changes to maintain your health. Kudos to you. Before I get into nutrition let me touch on a couple things you mentioned in your post.

"My A1C on bayer homekit showed 4.8. Idk if I did it right."
I am not aware of an "Idk" test result. Normal A1c readouts are presented in % [percent]. You also didn't mention which Bayer tester is being used. The Bayer A1cNow+ must match the lot number of the dilution fluid AND cartridge to the tester number or you will end up with a false/positive reading or something unknown, like "ldk". Re-read the instruction sheet that accompanied the tester, or go to the Bayer web site and locate the PDF file.

Read nutrition labels carefully on all canned/packaged goods. Many products hide sugar under carbohydrates and/or with sugar derivatives. Carb sugars are listed as grams. Every 7 grams equals one heaping tablespoon of refined sugar. For example, two scoops of EAS protein powder has 2 grams of carb sugar. This equals to .32 tablespoons [approx 1/3] of sugar.

In my previous post I touched on foods to avoid. As every bodies body is different a sure fire method to understand how foods you consumed affect your glucose levels is to start a food log, an Excel spreadsheet notating what you eat, portion size and what your preprandial [b4 meal] and postprandial [2-3 hrs after meal] test levels are. Pay close attention to carb intake. It's a catch-22 for diabetics. Our bodies need carbs for energy but at the same time carbs raises glucose levels. This where portion size comes into play. Also, Google the Glycemic Index to understand which carbs are good and which are bad. Caution on restricting too much carbs as the potential for kidney damage can surface. The key to all of this is test, test, test with your home glucose meter.

"Also, I like weight training ... is it good in such a situation."
Yes, daily 30-60 minute exercise helps burn off excess glucose. I suggest you read through prior threads on this forum as they will help answer questions the further you get to know diabetes prevention.

Lastly, I missed answering your first post question, "metamorphin is needed " The answer is no, not unless your let your prediabetes progress into diabetes is Metformin or other diabetes medication Rx'd. Your doctor will decide this. Good luck
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What is the correct diet for a 28 yr old male to eat .... I really can maintain the diet because I am already a vegetarian and don't crave sweets much. Diabetes runs in my maternal family.   I want to know exactly to eat for breakfast, luch and dinner. what. I play basketball about 1-2 hours weekdays. My A1C on bayer homekit showed 4.8. Idk if I did it right.

Also, I like weight training ... is it good in such a situation. I used to take Myoplex EAS original 46 gms of protein supplement.

Please let me know. Thanks much.
God Bless
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