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Pre diabetic with high triglyceride

Was diagnosed diabetic in Dec 2020(HB1ac- 6.1) ( weight was 89.3 kgs)
Quit alcohol and went on diet and exercise since then (weight is 83.5 kgs)
Feb 2021 - HB1ac - 5.7
Active until April 22,2021 with diet and exercise
Since then i was stuck in india and could not return back to UAE and also started back on drinks for a few weeks until now july 20,2021
HB1ac - now @ 6.4 , weight is 83.5 kgs , doctor now has prescribed metamorfin 500 mg saying its a sensitizer only for 3 months along with omega 3 ( Is this needed and ok to take ? or should i revert back to diet and excercise to reverse it or is it too risky and are there chances it will go to diabetic stage if i dont take metamorfin - can some one clarify?

Fasting sugar @102
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