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Team with no sugar raised glucose?

Maybe it will sound strange but,
I didnt eat anything ( in past 3-4 hours at evening time)  and tested my GC Level after 1 cup of hot tea ( no sugar added, Caffeine free)
And i got 88.
After in 20 minutes i tested again
And i got 82.
How that could happen?
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Hi Mike,

your blood sugar levels for not having eaten at 88 is perfectly normal.  82 is also perfectly normal.  

The meter you use will have a variability. Most meters read within 5 - 15% accuracy.

I would blame this result on the meter.  But both results are very close, so your meter is also likely also quite accurate.
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That happens because your meter (all meters) are only 80% accurate or have a 20% error.  so your 88 and 82 reading are the same.
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You need to eat more. You should test your glucose two hours after you eat. Your fasting blood sugar should 80 to 110. Your blood sugar dropped 6 points is only because it didn't have time to react. Since you didn't wait two hours.
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