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The Eat To Live Plan to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

Hi Folks, I have been diagnosed as having Pre-Diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol. In the last 5 years i've gained 75 lbs. after having to stop work and exercise,  because of an extremely bad back. I've in the past cut out sugar and processed foods, and lost 30lbs pretty quickly, but gained it back. After going to the eye specialist, and was told that i had floating masses in my eyes, due to diabetes, i knew i had to do something drastic to avoid losing my eyesight. My doctor did little to explain Diabetes to me, so i had heard of a Doctor Fuhrman lecturing on how the North American diet guidelines were so far off what is really healthy. I found that he had written a book called The End Of Diabetes. I had already read his book Eat to Live and it was a great read, but the book, THE END OF DIABETES is beyond Illuminating. It explains exactly what diabetes is, and can be understood by a layman.

My eyesight is not the best, as i said, and so i was looking into getting a Ebook Reader such as Kobo, or Kindle. During my research, i found that you can get Ebooks on Amazon, and they are giving away thousands of them. All you have to do is to download their Kindle App. The App is amazing, Amazon sends you your ebooks via the Kindle App which appears on the desktop of your laptop. When you access one of the titles that you pick (either free ebooks, or ones that cost $) you are able to change the background color (i chose black) and type color (i chose white) and change the font size. You can connect to a larger screen tv, with an HDMI cable, and read directly on the tv.  

The reason i'm telling you this, is because on Amazon.com, you can type in The End Of Diabetes, Ebook, and it will come up, and you can download it for about $10.00.  I guarantee you that if you are predisposed to Diabetes, or anyone you know is, that before you finish the first chapter of this book, you'll have the most valuable information you could ever need to combat this disease.

My father threw himself out of his sick bed at the hospital and refused to do any further dialysis, that became onset because of his Diabetes Type II.

How many people are dying because they don't have the right information about this disease ?

PLEASE be good to yourself and consider getting this download, or pick up a copy at the book store, maybe even the library. You will thank me for it, I know this for certain.

My new life plan starts NOW. I'm starting at 220.lbs, and need to lose 80 lbs to be my most natural weight. Armed only with this book I really feel I have a change right now of changing my Pre Diabetes Diagnosis and stay OFF of ANY medication.

I pray that some of you choose to read this book. I'd love to hear from you if you give this a shot to help you in your future and the future of your friends and family.
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the conversion between Canada and US is to multiply/ divide by 18.

So 5.4 x 18 = 97.2, which is a reasonable fasting number (Ideal is in the 80s), over 100 needs more action. :)
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I managed to reverse my pre-diabetes and lose 23 lbs in about 3 months (after struggling with hypothyroid weight for over 7 years) by adding healthy fats like coconut and olive oils, nuts, seeds, etc to my diet.  This and getting my thyroid hormone levels stable also brought my cholesterol levels back to normal since high cholesterol is a symptom of hypothyroidism.  If you haven't had thyroid hormone levels (not just TSH) tested, you should do so, asap... The thyroid controls metabolism and is also part of the endocrine system, which must all work together...
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Thanks so much Brice, looks like we're trying to obtain the same weight loss goals. I pray we both succeed.  Last night i was sorely tempted to eat what i normally do before bed, rye bread and honey before bed, but instead i just read from my book and snacked on cantaloupe until the cravings passed. My blood sugar was 5.4 this morning which is significantly different than what it would have been had I caved.. I notice the difference between the blood glucose measurements between Canada and the States, any ideas how to compare the two?
Do you test your blood at home Brice?
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That all sounds like good information.  Thanks for posting it.  Something I wanted to briefly touch on was "most natural weight".  All doctors including my endo have said that we have an "ideal weight".  Right after that he mentioned being fit in regards to being healthy.  People do carry around some extra weight with little to no ill affects.  Even losing something like 30 lbs can make a giant difference in your health and fitness.

80 lbs is ambitious and I hope you attain your goal.  I managed to lose 80lbs some 10 years ago and managed to keep it off, but I hit a plateau and haven't been able to lose and keep off more.  I struggled with different plans and programs and nothing happened.  So, I just relaxed for a while.  I am back on my program again and am starting to lose more weight.  I'd like to lose another 60-80lbs.....  Hope I can come close.

Good luck and good health to you!
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