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Anyone have sudden onset NUMB neuropathy?

Did it get worse as time went on?
My sister began to feel numbness and pain one day out of the blue. (In toe) Her sugars HAVE been high several years but she also cracked her back that day. So she is unsure if this pain in her toes IS neuropathy..but she has a hunch it is. Her other toes are now hurting too and feel like novacaine is in them.
If you had this, did the pain feel like your toe was so stiff it would break in two? Did you get any meds that helped the numb novacaine feeling?
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Hello. I'm sorry your sister is having this difficulty. Has it resolved? While it 'could' because of her fall, that she has diabetes without controlled blood sugar and seems to have suspected neuroathy in the past, I strongly suggest she see her doctor. Changes in sensation like that IS a symptom of diabetic neuroathy and she needs to follow up . I think her doctor is going to want to address the issue of her sugar levels as well.  Let us know how she is doing.https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peripheral-neuropathy/symptoms-causes/syc-20352061
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Thank you. She is contacting  her doctor  today. Here is hoping she can lower her sugars so this pain can reverse. Ty for the link Sara.

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