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Anyone understand urine dips?

Hi I will try and keep this as brief as possible.

My son (3) had a bug/virus in July. He had a high temp 49.8 and was sick once. Since then his urine hasn’t been quite right, at first it was incredibly clear like water or tiny amounts of dark urine throughout the day. At the beginning of August he suddenly woke up in extreme pain, scrunching over and thrashing around. We took his nappy off and he was weeing, I sat him on the potty and dipped it with the urine dips we use to test for ketones as he gets hypos. This urine dip tested positive for blood and glucose, I checked his blood sugars and they were normal. I took him to the doctors who’s referred us to the hospital and we’ve got the appointment for that this week, the gp told me to test his urine twice daily so I bought some strips from the pharmacy (£20 for 24!) and used them all up so I bought more online as I couldn’t afford that price again, they’re the same brand (siemens) but they test for a few extra things and I’d really appreciate anyone who knows wether to treat the bilirubin as + or -. I’ve done one on myself and mine was a pale yellow so I’m slightly concerned as he’s had several wee’s that show a tan/orangey colour.  

I hope the link works... http://i65.tinypic.com/x6lnax.jpg
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Hello~Instead of guessing, I would ask the pediatrician, he/she will be able to tell you if it warrants more tests, or if some meds or needed, also will tell you how to treat the bilirubin.
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Thankyou sassy. We’ve seen the doctor and he isn’t concerned about bilirubin or the blood but has passed the info on to urology as my son is due surgery next week. I feel much better after speaking to the doctor.
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