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Could I have diabetes?

I have been working out hardcore for the last 8 mths and recently stopped working out due to the fact that i am now underweight (5'5 105lbs)and I dont want to lose anymore (am trying to gain some at the moment) I have sucessfully lost 25 lbs but I really only needed to lose 10-15. I have been having these weird feelings sort of like low blood sugar i guess, like if i dont have something sweet i will feel a little angry then when i eat something sugary i feel better, or sometimes when i eat carb rich foods like potatoes or rice i will feel super energized almost like a drunken feeling afterward and it like i just ate but i am still hungry. My grandfather has type 1 diabetes , so i am worried, plus i read being underweight can cause type 1 diabetes. should i test my own blood sugar and if so when should i do it. I dont like this feeling i get and i just want it to go away, should i stay away from carbs completely? I have also tried the low carb thing when i was dieting but i just seemed to be to tired to do anything, i hope this is not diabetes, please help!!!!
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Exactly.  Go to the Dr. to be sure, but you should know that type 1 diabetes isn't caused by being underweight, it's an autoimmune disease.  Basically you get an infection somewhere and your body attacks its own pancreas.  After this happens, you gradually become extremely dehydrated.  I would say this is more of a common symptom than losing weight.  I don't think you'd just start losing weight without first having the other symptoms of fatigue (you wouldn't even be able to work out), dehydration (GALLONS of water isn't even enough) and frequent urination.  AFTER that, you do lose weight very fast and easily, but it's a very sickly feeling of losing weight.  You wouldn't have cravings for carbs or sweets.  Diabetes doesn't cause you to want to eat more of this stuff, and eatting too much is NOT what gives you diabetes.
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You need to go the doctor. One of the symptoms of diabetes is weight loss. And really, since you were working out hardcore, your body weight should have really gone up since muscle weighs more than fat. One of the signs that I ignored was when my 13 year old lost weight. He was a tad on the chunky side and I attributed his weight loss to puberty and biking around the neighborhood more since it was summer. Hoping it isn't diabetes unfortunately won't make it go away but denying the possibility could end you up in the hospital. Just have your doctor give you a urine test. If you are losing weight due to diabetes you will be "spilling sugar" into your urine. They will know in about 2 seconds. It's scary to think you may have it, but it's not the end of the world. I promise!
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