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Glucose test results.

I am a 53 year old white male with a history of heart attacks/ CABG and was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My current test results dl/mg:
Morning fasting 91-125= avg 109
Two hour post meal 112-130= avg 121
Before dinner @ approx 6:00 pm nothing to eat since lunch 77-90= avg 82

It appears that the results are OK other than the morning fasting. Could this be the "morning phenomenon"?
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I dont think it is a serious problem  may be it is glucose levels that should be taken care then everything would be proper.
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Your levels DO sound mighty normal to me. Even your highest reading post meal is well within the normal range for after meal sugars. It does seem to this volunteer that your morning fasting tests may be higher than ideal because of the morning also called 'dawn') phenomenon. Perhaps the best test for you would be to find out what your hemoglobin a1c test number is. This is a lab test done on glucose that shows what your AVERAGE glucose level was for the past 3 months. If that number is in the normal range, you probably have little to be concerned about. If you have not had a hemoglobin a1c test done, you may want to ask your doctor about doing it. It would give a better indication of how well your pancreas is doing in regulating your sugars than random tests or fasting glucose tests.
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