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Good I be pre-diabetic??

I will just start out by saying I have health anxiety, and since December diabetes has been my only concern. I am a 21yr old female who is 5"6 1/2 and 122lbs. I have a grandpa on oneside w/ type II and an uncle on the other with type II.

I had random blood work done in early december... my glucose came back at 134 so the doc wanted to do a fasting test. Although, the blood was drawn approx 1hr after eating a huge meal of pizza and mountain dew. So the fasting test was done and came back at 104. Everything I read says this is pre-diabetic! Since then I've had a random test done (around 3:30pm) and it came back at 98. The other night I tested my sugar at work for the heck of it and it was 122, got worried and tested again 20 min later and it was 124. This was done at 10:30pm and I hadn't eaten anything since 6:45 or so. Isn't that a little high?

I have a dry mouth and seemingly increased thirst at times. I also feel tired a lot. I am on an anti-depressant Cymbalta and I have heard that it causes major dry mouth problems and insomnia, fatigue, etc.

So my question is, is 104 truly pre-diabetic? Is 122 a bad number to have 3-4hrs after eating? I know I don't have diabetes yet, but am I destined for it? I've had two docs tell me its nothing to worry about, but honestly, the doctors around here don't really care. I apologize for sounding so paranoid, I am trying to find ways to get over the anxiety!! Thanks for all answers!!!
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If you ate anything within a 12 hour period, then it's not a fasting glucose test. Eating a full meal (pizza and soda) 1 hour before a fasting test IS NOT fasting at all. It is a random test. Your numbers are WELL within the normal limits. Not even slightly elevated. If you do not trust what your doctor tells you, then you really need to get a 2nd oppinion.
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I believe that you are going to get different answers from people on this question. I mean, nobody knows how well your body is handling its insulin production except based on a very few blood tests. Now, your family history does indicate that you may need to keep an eye on it. But your weight sounds ideal, and your numbers are all within the so-called normal range of 80-126. Some doctors do consider the fasting glucose tests and will pull out the label prediabetic if fasting tests run above 100 even if the after meal numbers are still in the very normal under-126 range. Others that I have read comments from do not consider a person's after-meal level to be above normal unless it is above 146, so your numbers really do sound good. If you are concerned, then you may just want to avoid over-doing heavy carb meals, and just have your doctor do tests every year to keep an eye on things.
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