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Interesting Blood Sugars

A little background... at age 2 BG of 350+ put us in hospital for weekend.  One more reading of 200.  No meds, it normalized.   Now she is 8 and says she wakes up feeling sick and dizzy.  FBG are elevated.  A1C is elevated, but not in diabetic range.

After posting before about my daughters odd readings I started monitoring her BG closely.  I wanted to arm myself with a week's log before seeing her pediatrician next week in hopes of getting referral to pediatric endocrinologist. Maybe she is fine.  I am wondering now if there is nothing wrong at all.

Other days I have monitored her her BG were higher (sometimes 140 ish).  But lately they are on the low side of normal.  Weird!

Over the past few days this is what has happened...
FBG 110
The rest of the day ALL her readings were in the low 100s even after a meal.
FBG 95
The rest of the day her sugars were in the 80s or 70s.
FBG 133
The rest of the day low sugars 60 - 80

She had a second A1C in 4 months and it came back 5.7%.

Anyone with an opinion?  
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The one hour result is way too high and is indicative of diabetes.  

You should tell a pediatric endocrinologist these results.  I beleive that your daughter has diabetes. Maybe not so severe yet (it can progress over time).  She should be following a lower carb diet and being closely monitored.

Let us know how you and she go.
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I decided to do my own Glucose Tolerance Test at home.    The day I gave it to her, her FBG was 75.

Then I gave her the sugar water.

At 1 hour her BG was about 200

But by 2 hours it was down to 100.  

I felt better about that.  I still watch her though.  I think I will still take her to a pediatric endo.

Am I worng or are the BG for the tolerance test good?

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Sounds like early diabetes to me.  The high fasting numbers are a concern.

A1C of 5.7 is also high, though 'within range'.  Truely normal A1C should be 4.1 - 4.6.

Truely normal sugars (post meal) should be less than 120 at all times - and actually should be approaching back to the fasting level, which should normally be in the 80s.

I would recommend continue to monitor closely and consider a lower carb diet, particularly avoiding sweet and sugary foods, and limiting starchy foods.

Do follow this closely with her pediatrician.
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