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Is a fasting BS of 104 concerning for a 5 year old girl?

My husband is a T1D diagnosed at the age of 34.  My 5 year old daughter has sugars that average 110-125 throughout the day.  She had a physical yesterday and dr thought that was a little high.  She told us to take a fasting sugar ( at home) and call of it was over 100.  It was 104.  I thought levels in the low 100s was normal for kids.  Could she be pre-diabetic?
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normal  fasting levels for children are typically in the 65 - mid 80s range.  A fasting of 104 in a child could be considered high.

Her post eating numbers are not terribly high, but actually they are probably on the high side for a child.  I would recommend you do stay in touch with the Dr.

It is very likely that some children with diabetes develop it slowly over time.  I am now going through the same with my 8yo and 4 yo daughter, both of whom have higher than typical blood sugars, and it seems my 8 yo is going to be diagnosed wiith early type 1. The pediatric endo said we would consider staring insulin if her fasting glucose is consistently over 100.  

I would strongly recommend you look into managing your daughter wiith lower carb diet.  there i a group called typeonegrit (facebook).  You may want to look into this and consider joining.  

Dr. Berstein has utube lectures called Berstein Diabetes University. You will learn a lot by watching this. Also the importance of low carrb eating in managing diabetes.  

Medhelp also has application for monitoring diet and blood sugars. good you are asking questions. Please message me if you want to discuss further.  
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Our Sugar Sense app, as Super_sally888 mentions, is a great way to track blood sugar and get more information about diabetes. We focus mostly on adults with Type 2, but many people use the app to track the numbers of their Type 1 children, especially because of the "green" color that comes on when your blood glucose numbers are in range — kids like this visual indicator of success!

To find the app, search for Sugar Sense in the App Store or on Google Play.
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