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Low blood sugars and NEW symptoms?

When I was a kid, I noticed my blood sugars where low cuase I started getting jiggers in my arms and legs.

Now as an adult... I can only tell if my blood sugars are low.... REALLY low, if I start twichting, more noticably in my upper torso.

I don't "shake" anymore, just twitch violently before I hit the seazure.

I have had 2 seazures at work and 2 very close encounters at my older job. But before that, as a kid, I always felt it comming on, long before anything would of happened to me.

Any thoughts of why my own body is not giving me such an early warning system as it used too?
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i am a newly diagnosed diabetic and dont understand highs and lows do not have a nacheene as i was told odnt bother testing it wont tell us much any way
a few months ago i started feeling very tired and unwell i was drinking all the time and eating like anything i could get my hands on was allyas still am allways very hungry any way i started getting what i thought were sleep starts panic attacks twitching limbs and flashes in my vision when i visited my gp i explained all of these symptoms had a blood test and discovered i am diabetic my sugar levels were about 9 and my glucose levels were around 11 i have not had another blood test yet but i am taking metformin sometimes i froget to take them so i do it as soon as i remember this can be several hours later but that is when i have been feeling well.
I have recently been starting to feel very ill and week again and i am having theses jumpy twitchy things again quite freaquently like i have had 5 this week they did settle down for a while but i am getting them quite often again can any one tell me if this is normal has any one else had any of these things that are happening to me
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My differnce is, I just do not go "LOW" anymore, but when I do, it is violent and on the the very verge of becomming a seazure.

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Now that we can keep lower a1c levels than we used to be able to do, hypoglycemia is something that we live on the borderline of much more than in our childhood days when the baseline sugar levels were probably higher. Recent studies in the past few years have proven that the loss of warning symptoms is actually caused by too many repeated lows in a row without sufficient time for the body to fully recover its brain chemistry. You see, when a severe low happens and is not caught IMMEDIATELY, the brain sends out signals for the body to dump reserves of sugars stored in the liver to try to help get sugar available for the brain to use (the brain's main fuel is glucose). When we do recover, our brains sense the residues of these emergency sugars for several days. And if another low hits before they have dissipated, the brain recognizes their presence and thinks it is OK even though our glucose levels in reality have dropped. But the brain senses the residues of the emergency sugars from the last episode and so doesn't send out warning signals. And if yet a third low hits soon afterwards, the thing snowballs.

Several studies have shown that people can lose their warning symptoms often if tightly controlled, but also that those symptoms can be recovered easily enough. The recovery happens if the person can:
1. Avoid ALL lows for a period of 2 weeks
2. If that is not possible, test often so that if a low does start to happen, you catch it before the brain has time to send out for liver sugars to be released.
3. From that point on, when low, ALWAYS grab the very quickest-digesting carb possible. No more candy bars or crackers when low. Even if low right at mealtime, first drink a half cup of juice or a cup of sports drink (which takes twice as much to help), and then eat your meal while the sugars are on their way back to normal. If you eat a snack or a meal when low, your sugars can actually still continue to drop while that food is digesting. So always go for the liquid first.
4. If you notice that warnings are getting worse again, start over at step #1.

This may have to happen every so often to keep your warnings good. I am living proof. I had completely lost all warnings and after doing this, have recovered them perfectly enough that NOW, I find that I have clear warnings if sugar levels drop even down to 70 or even if they go up to about 140. My warnings go off if I have any variation from the norm at all. I stay attuned and start to test more often and drink more juice whenever I find that I have a low or two that don't sent clear warnings. I wish you the best.
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