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Mercury dental amalgams


Does anybody beleive that hypoglycemia and other illnesses can be caused by mercury toxicity from dental amalgams?

I have heard lots of histories which claim that dental amalgams can cause a great variety of ailments in our bodies.

I personally have never met a person with several health problems that has healed after dental amalgam removal.

I have also asked several dentists and physicians and they say it's pure publicity, so people spend lots of money in amalgam replacement.

Please give me your point of view,

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I am not a physican, but the mom of a diabetic child.  I have not heard of amalgams causeing ill health.  I would suggest you get a second opinion, before you have your amalgams removed.
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It's not pure publicity.  Consider having them removed.  I did and now I am undergoing chelation to remove the mercury.  Look well into all this.
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I've had mercury fillings, some of which are 30 years old.  So far, so good.

I think people are often looking for a reason as to why we feel the way we do--looking for a quick answer or one that "promises" relief.   Life in these stressful times can indeed take its toll in the form of many, often ill-defined symptoms that can be very distressing.  It is VERY tempting to try this new cure or that one, looking for relief.  Many times, we DO feel better after trying one cure or another, but usually some symptoms come back unless you address the underlying problems.

My personal belief is that we need to live the best we can, minimize stress, eat well and healthfully, play often, and work at jobs we love.  Unhappy people have the most health problems.  Not to say that happy people don't have any health issues, but it is a fact that sadness, depression, and chronic stress may lead to an expression of physical illness.

Balance is everything.

That's just my personal feeling.  Good luck to you.
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i would say that if you got reports from a reputable doctor and dentist, and especially a dentist who could use it as an excuse to make money changing the fillings, that there may not be much to the reports. There are always reports for a wide variety of issues but are they legitimate reports?
i have diabetes and also bipolar disorder and i know the depression associated with bipolar disorder can cause health problems, but i'm doing my best with medication to keep such feelings away so i won't develop problems and i leave it at that not trying to tie every errant symptom with something within me.
Good luck in your quest, buddhabret
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