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My blood sugar wont go down

I wear an insulin pump and ive not been anything lower than 280s and up to 500s for the past days. i took a shot and gave myself insulin from my pump. Im pretty sure i have an sti do you think that is why my blood sugars are not going down?
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I realize this is a bit after-the-fact and hope you are doing better. I, too, am on an insulin pump and ended up in the hospital last week in the ICU for DKA (1st and, hopefully, only time). I was taken off my pump, given IV insulin, fluids, and then placed on daily injections until yesterday (over a little more than a week). I started on a new pump as injections (minimum of 5 per day) do not work best for my blood sugars. It turns out there may have been a malfunction with my insulin pump. I have been in normal ranges since going back on a new one. Hopefully, again, you are better. If not, though, possibly your pump could be malfunctioning as well. DKA, as mentioned by Super_sally888 and experienced by me, is EXTREMELY SERIOUS. Take care.
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With blood sugars this high you are at risk for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).  I strongly recommend you go to the ER / or see your doctor urgently to work out where the infection is, get it treated, and get your blood sugars under control.

Please come back and let us know how you are doing.
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If you are eating correcting and doing some form of exercise to burn off the energy and your sugars are still high, it is highly likely that you do have an infection.

The infection can be anywhere on your body.

If you are concerned that you may have an STD make an urgent appointment to get checked out for this.

In any event make an urgent appointment to see your doctor and discuss this with him.  He will examine you for any infections and will probably adjust your medications to get your sugars down.

As you are well aware having high sugar levels can lead to many serious complications, so don't ignore this.

I presume that you have not had any steroid injections for any acute body spasms?  Steroid injections are well know to raise sugar levels temporarily.

Book an urgent appointment to see your doctor.  Phone the surgery and explain you are having a problem with high sugar levels, if there are no available appointments to see the doctor urgently.
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