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Random Blood Glucose

Hi everyone, I am a dietetic student who just finished working at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes. As part of the staff we were all given blood glucose monitors to help check the kids (even though I don't have diabetes). We were allowed to keep the monitors and I have been doing some random blood glucose checks on myself when I am not feeling well to help myself better understand lows. Anyways today, about 1/2 an hour after eating I decided to do a check and my blood level was at 215 mg/dl. I thought I may have had something on my hands so I rewashed them really well and rechecked my blood and was again over 200. Can this happen to someone who does not have diabetes?? (are there conditions that would cause my blood to be so high??) My blood did drop down under 100 after 2 hours... So i am confused on the whole issue... Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also, at what point do you recommend that I see a doctor? Basically I am worried because from what I understand a person living without diabetes should not have blood glucose levels so high at any time. I guess I should tell you I do not have family history of type 1 or 2 diabetes in my family. I am 21 years old and have a BMI of 23 (therefore I am at a healthy weight).  

Thanks for reading and any advice/comments for me!
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Hello Sara,

I am the one who posted the first response to your question.

I have to tell you that it was very strange because the same day I posted the response, I had something very similar happen to me.  (I do not have diabetes, however, my son does and so does my sister)  

The same day that I posted the response,my sister came over and she said I was shaking and I tested myself..well, I was 127 which was higher then normal for me.  I have only tested myself a few times in the past, but they ranged from 65-85.  The 127 reading was after I hadn't eatne for 5 hours.  Well, we both decided to see what my reading would be if I drank somethng with sugar in it and re-tested 30-40 minutes later.  Then I was 164.

Okay, the end result was that i called my son's Endo and we talked and he said not to worry and then it ocurred to both of us that it was probably stress.  You see, my son was to start school the following week and every year before school starts, I become an anxious, stressed mess.  I have to give info. to new teacher, plus this year he was on the pump and had just started it 6 days before school was to start..so I was really stressed.

Well, I tested after I had a chance to meet with is new teacher (and a weight was lifted off of my shoulders since I felt more secure about his school situation) AND my BG was normal.

So, in my situation, I believe it was due to stress.

Sara, I am curious to find out what the outcome was with your situation.

I hope you are doing well:)

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Hi Sarah,
SS have given you A+ advice.  One blood test probably does not define diabetes.  Other medications, the particular carbo content of the food, stress, menstrual cycles can all play a role in our BGs.  Since you're doing random testing, you might like to follow some protocols that diabetics often follow.  Many of us have target BGs for one hour after eating, 2 hours after eating, and maybe even 3-4 hours after eating.  YOu mentioned that you did your test 30 minutes after eating and I'm not certain that there're reliable targets for that moment in time.  Even a non-diabetic's body needs a chance to send insulin in response to a carbo-laden meal

I'd suggest that you collect your data and discuss your results with your doctor.

You might also like to read about diabetes on the American Diabetes Association.  I posted this link in Answer to anohter question, but it seems like it'd be helpful here for you, too.  

None of us here is a physician, so the best we can do is offer you suggestions as an experienced diabetic or caregiver.  I can also understand your alertness now to diabetes symptoms and your potential anxiety over having seen a high number.  It's just not clear that the test you did is a reliable indicator of anything.  I hope your doc reassures you based on his/her depth of medical knowledge and knowledge-about-Sarah :-)
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Hello Sara53793,

First I need to tell you that I am not a medical professional.  I can give you input based on my own knowledge and personal experience.

My 9 year old son is a Type I Diabetic and was diagnosed at the age of 3.  I personally THANK YOU for volunteering at a Camp for Children with TYpe I.  My son goes to a Diabetes camp here and Loves it.  You are a giving person to be a volunteer at one of these camps.

Also, I need to tell you that my sister, now 32, was diagnosed with "Type I" (not TYpe 2) at the age of 24.  I am not saying this to scare you, I just want you to be informed that adults can be diagnosed with Type I.

The normal BG range is 80 - 120.  It could be possible that when someone (non-diabetic) is ill or has a virus, they have an elevated BG, (not sure how elevated), but if I were you since you had 2 high readings, I would go to your doctor for advice.

Something similar happened to my daughter who is not a diabetic, when she was 21 months old and of course, I freaked out since my son is a diabetic.  Well, my son's Endocrinologist even did a fasting glucose test (where you drink that sweet yucky drink) and it came back that she was a diabetic, HOWEVER, when they drew blood and sent blood to the lab EVERYTHING came back saying she was NOT a Diabetic and ever since she has been okay and is now 5-1/2 yrs. old.  SO, I call it a fluke...maybe she had a little virus, but we did not see symptoms of it...

Another piece of info. my sis as I mentioned was diagnosed 8 Years ago at the age of 24. (my son was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs later)...well, before my sister we did not have any diabetics in our family as far as family history.

As far as oher conditions that cause us to have elevated blood sugars, I honestly do not know.

I would talk to your doctor.  The only way to know for sure is to have blood sent to a lab.  Like my daughter it could be a fluke....you just do not know.

Someone else who posts here may have additional information for you.  I am sure you will receive other input.  Take care of yourself and thank you for being a volunteer for our kids!!!

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