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Type 1 Pregnancy

I have just found out I am pregnant, and I have type one Diabetes.  I did not take any prenatal vitamins.  Are there vitamins I should be taking throughout the pregnancy?  I have no Idea what to expect...please any advice will be appreciated!!!
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Your doctor should prescribe prenatal vitamins now... I would call and ask the OBGYN doc what kind of vitamins to take. In that regard, you shouldn't need anything different from non-diabetic pregnant women. The main thing for you to focus on is testing often and trying to keep your sugar levels as normal as possible all throughout the pregnancy. Most doctors want pregnant type 1 diabetic women to keep their glucose levels as low as possible without risking hypoglycemia. And the way to do this is to test more often than usual and adjust often. More insulin if levels go high, juice if levels drop low. If you test often, you can catch both problems and normalize them. I send you congratulations, and wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I am a type 1 diabetic since childhood, and I had two healthy pregnancies resulting in two beautiful and healthy children. The real key, from all that I have read, is good glucose control during the whole pregnancy, especially at the very first and near the end of the pregnancy. Best wishes to you!
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Congratulations!!! I too am a type 1 diabetic and my son just turned 1 last month. I had a pretty healthy pregnancy but it was very hard work. As the person above told you call your doc immediately and ask for a Rx for prenatal vitamins. Also, one of the most important nutrients for your baby is folic acid or folate. This is especially important for diabetics!!! The best sources are spinach (I know yuck...but fresh spinach in a salad isn't that bad) and you can find it in a lot of cereals just read the nutrition label. And of course test, test, test your blood sugar. I tested al least 8 times a day...sometimes more. I was told by my docs that 60-110 was were they wanted my blood sugar to be. I also was put on the insulin pump during my pregnancy...it is the most wonderful thing in the world!!! For more information on pregnancy in general and especially diabetes in pregnancy copy and paste this web address in your browser http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/patientcare/patient_education/index.cfm?maincontent=maincategory.cfm&categoryID=131.0#123.0 It will take you to the Ohio State Medical Center site for pregnancy and diabetes in pregnancy. This is where my OB was and where I delivered. If you would like any more info just let me know.


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