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Why the glucose is specially high in the morning?

Hello all:

  I am a diabetes patient.My family-Doctor asked me to test my glucose at the time before meals,i.e. Before breakfast, before lunch, before supper and before bed-time.

  I have been finding the glucose of the before breakfast is always higher than the previous before bed-time value,say last night at bed-time, the glucose is 99, but this morning before breakfast it is 140!? You know I did not eat anything duringg the night!

  Please help me if you know it! Thanks.  

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"Fasting blood sugar" is just the blood sugar reading when a person is fasting.  "Fasting" means nothing to eat or drink for 8-12 hours.

When we do a blood test in the morning, just as we wake up, we call that a fasting blood test.  It is common for our fasting numbers to be a little higher than at other times of the day, as has already been explained.

Perhaps you can find some good books written in your native language to help you understand some of the many small details of this disease.  I admire your ability to communicate so well in a different language, and yet there is the chance that you can learn even more by using resources in multiple languages.

Hope this helps.
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I asked my doctor the same question and he indicated it was very common for the gluclose level to be higher in the morning.  He indicated that the liver stores "sugar" and during times of fasting (i.e. night) that it releases the sugar.
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Hi Wak: Thank you for your respond.

  Although I am a diabetes patient, I know little about it.

  What is "fasting blood sugar"? are there several kinds of blood sugar?

  Right now I can control my glucose under 120 at the time of before lunch and supper and bed-time, but it is always about 140 before breakfast! Is it normal?

   One thing more, the doctor don't let me eat any medicine.What are the normal amount of glucose after all?

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I am not a physician but the mom f a type 1 diabetic and a volunteer.
The morning blood sugar is a fasting blood sugar and tells the doctor how your body reacts with out food.  The body releases hormones (growth etc.), while the body is at rest. Most hormones are glucose based and can affect blood sugar that is why when women menstruate and children have growth spurts their blood sugars and insulin dosages need to be changed.

I would suggest you ask your doctor what blood sugar range he would like you to be in and what you could do to be in better control.
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