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anyone have experience with Gastroperisis?

My bf is T1 for about ten years now, but recently he has been vomiting every day - sometimes dry heaving, mostly bile. He has low appetite, but when he is hungry he gets full almost instantly. Doc says it may be gastroperisis but to monitor it. Trying to find out what we can expect in the future - is it a constant thing or sporadic?
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I have been a type 1 for 21 years (I am only 25) and also have gastropareisis. I try to eat small plan meals more often through out the day. My GI doctor gave me zofran to help with the nausea. Mine has its bad weeks and then will get better. I am now pregnant and sick constantly so that does not help. On his bad days make sure he is still at least eating crackers with peanut butter. Protein seems to make me feel worse but you really need it.
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Hi.  Gastroparesis is due to damage to the nerves to the stomach.  There are meds that can help i believe.  Small regular meals lower in fibre, maybe.  And working extra hard to control blood sugars with frequent monitoring and adjustments.

Both highs and lows can be New frequent with gastroparesis due to inconsistent tummy emptying.

Does he have a cgm? Continuous glucose monitor? If so this may be very helpful in management.  

If he can get excellent blood sugar control hba1c in 5 - 6 range this may potentially be able to improve in time.  

Fire me info on diabetes management you could also go to bernstein diabetes university on utube.

Best wishes to you both.
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