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Hello again and thanks for your feedback. I have to clarify my results because I missed something in the interpretation from MMOL to mg/dl.  

My four readings are as follows: based on a 12 hr fast

2000- 85
2002- 90
2003- 106
2004- 115
2004- 85

Now I am confused - are these readings bad? My Dr said that because both my parents were diagnosed w/ Diabetis type 2 at age 50 and 55 I am at increased risk of getting it.  He said to be careful and reduce my weight by 10 lbs and watch the sugars and things should be ok or at least I could prevent the onset for now. I am 39 and male all cholesteral results are normal and BP is very good. What do I make of this? Also are glucose monitors accurate? I bought one and reads at 85 (fasted 8 hrs)?
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I have a high blood sugar. I feel giddy fatigued and urinate a lot. also blurred vision. I got it checked from a doctor. Is it very risky to have it. I really want to know what to eat, what fruits, vegetables and meat  i can eat. Doctor has suggested not to eat cooked rice and sweet. I also have problem with my penis foreskin, it has become a bit red and burning it slightly, very less than before, I thing its curing. is it risky to have sex and how can I control my sugar? Please help me.
It doesn't pain while urinating, its fine but a slight burning sensaton on foreskin.I am taking some tablets prescribed by my doctor containing (glimepiride USP,pioglitazone hydrochloride,metformin hydrochloride). Is it ok to take these tablets? does this contain sugar? help help
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You need to realize that the glucose levels normally rise after a meal. So if you do a glucose test 2 hours after a  meal it is normal to see a higher number. Most doctors like to see this number at under 140. However, a number from 140-199 after a meal is seen as pre-diabetes, and means the person probably needs to look at what they are eating and perhaps their weight and exercise to take control of these areas that do affect type 2 diabetes. A number of 200 or more is usually seen as the number that locks in a diabetes diagnosis. Of course, some of this depends on how many carbs you ate at the meal and of course how long after the meal you did the test. I thnk a pattern of numbers would tell you more than a random number taken only every now and then. But at least this gives you some guidelines as to what is considered normal after a meal. But even a healthy and very normal person may see an occasional higher number if the meal was high in quickly-digested carbs followed by a rich dessert. So these numbers are not set in stone but should give you some general information so you know better when to go see your doctor if glucose levels rise.
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Folks with diabetes often test before meals (in order to adjust our insulin to correct for the current blood sugar level and also to cover any carbos we intend to eat).

We also test 1 hour or 2 hours after a meal to see if we counted the carbos correctly or not, and to begin to learn our patterns.

Some endos suggest that elevated BGs after a meal often arise before any fasting anomalies.  An abnormal elevation after meals can indicate delayed response which would like be "caught up" during the hours of a fast.  A delayed response might not indicate meds are needed, but would surely suggest doin' all that's possible to adjust one's lifestyle and ways of eating.  

In your situation, I might do a weekly 2hours-after-eating test for a coup;la weeks.  Assuming all's fine, then I'd jot it down on my calendar to do monthly ... and then assuming all's okay, I'd check 2x year.  Of course, if I began to develop symptoms I'd check with my doc & test test test 'til my appt time came.  

Finally, it's terrific that you're keeping records.  Keep those forever if you need to; they'll be your best tool to detect patterns.

I'm stilll not a physician ;-) so be sure to run all our ideas by your doc.  Good luck!  May your numbers remain as terrific as they are!
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When do you use the glucose monitor ?  Right now I am just trying to fugure out my blood sugar levels are normal or not. So I will take my blood sugar after a 12 hour fast but when do I take it again?

Do I take it before breakfast ? After breakfast or after lunch or dinner ? What results are considered normal if I have eaten three hours before ? What is not considered a normal result if I have eaten ?

I understand taking your blood sugar when fasting but when are the other times that one should look at his/her blood sugar ? If so is it after one has eaten but how many hours should lapse before taking the blood sugar ?

Many thanks-
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Yes, glucose monitors today are very accurate. Your fasting glucose readings are very normal. If you do carry some extra weight, then losing those 10 pounds would be very beneficial because extra fat cells do cause increased insulin resistance. But for now, your fasting numbers are well within the normal range. Normal for a fasting glucose is considered anything between 70-126, according to my endocrinologist. Some endocrinologists alter these numbers a little, but you are within the normal range even if the 126 were lowered to 110, which some doctors tend to do. I would probably agree with your doctor that losing any excess weight would be wise just to preserve your current good health. Better to prevent type 2 diabetes than to treat it.
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