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im thirteen and i am always hungry and always thirsty, i have headaches all the time, and i have glasses but i still get kinda dizzy, i am also adopted so i dont know family history. i am concerned about having diabetes, i was told this by my friend, who has a sister with diabetes. she told me to keep an eye one it, but im still not sure, im am not loosing weight i dont think, but i need help, and i dont know what it could be. also im tired all the time, and i have been urinating more then usual. i have also had a cold for the past four months, and i know it is not allergies because i have given it to practically my whole school. does any one know what it could be?
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thank you very much, i will do ,my best, oh and i just noticed recently that i am losing weight, a little abnormally...
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I think you should absolutely go to a healthcare professional with your concerns!

That being said, maybe your friend could let you use her sister's monitor to check your blood glucose? If not, then your local pharmacy should have ketone/glucose sticks. You don't need a prescription to purchase them and all you do is (pardon my directness) pee in a cup, quickly dip it in, count 15 seconds, and compare the color of the swatch to the bottle. If you test anything besides negative on either the glucose or the ketones, call your doctor RIGHT AWAY!

Either way, I really do suggest you see a doctor and at least voice your concerns to him/her.

Best of luck, hope I helped and that everything turns out well for you!

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