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novolog whats the sliding scale

I take 24 units of lantic once a day NovoLog on the sliding scale  what's the scale
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You can also look into basal-bolus regime.  Under this approach you work out a carb-insulin ratio and you dose then based on how many carbs you eat.  You can also work out correction ratios.  Ie.  how much 1 unit insulin will drop your blood sugar.  This will be much more accurate in terms of managing blood sugars than sliding scale which is more about correction after the fact.  
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Okay, I just answered your other question.  Take it you are type 1 diabetic?  Here is a pdf chart of the sliding scale.  https://apps.umchealthsystem.com/forphysicians/medicalorders/Ref%20-%20Adult%20Sliding%20Scale%20for%20Insulin%20Aspart.pdf
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