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Hi! And thanks again for all the support you have given me:) I just have a question as to how high ones sugar should be right after eating. I have been sick with walking pneumonia for the past few days and have been mostly drinking alot of orange juice (the medication I am having to take for it is making me really thirsty!) so there hasn't really been a time that I have gone 2 hrs without food/drink (haven't been able to sleep well being sick either) I took it the other day after having consummed almost a half gallon of juice and was very suprized it was only 117. Then took it this morning and it was 154 but I had actually got myself to eat a bannana and some milk just a little while before I took the test. This is one issue they didn't address at the diabetas education class. Never thought to ask about what is considered too high right after eating.
Thanks so much!
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Hi Cindi!  We're all glad to be here and to help you with your diabetes questions.  We are also volunteers, so any information that is passed on to you should first be verified with your diabetes healthcare team.  

I am a Mom of a 16 year old girl who was diagnosed at the age of 21 months, so the information that you receive from me is based on my experiences with living with diabetes for almost 15 years.  

I want to tell you that checking your blood glucose levels (bg's) while you are sick is very important and I am glad to hear that you have been doing so.  Because of your illness and the medications that you are taking for it, it is extremely important that you keep testing your blood more frequently until you are feeling better (which I hope is soon!).  Those factors can contribute to bg fluctuations that are not typical for your body.  Have you been in contact with your endocrinologist and adjusting your insulin requirements?  That is also super important to maintain good bg control on sick days.  

As far as your bg being too high after eating, you should be covering whatever carbs you are consuming with insulin (whether you are on the pump or taking shots).  All day long your bg is going to be fluctuating based on what you've eaten, your activity, and stress levels.  The examples that you have provided me with seem to be good for a sick day.  Nothing super high or super low, so I wouldn't be too concerned about them if I were you.  But please, contact your endo if you see changes.  One more thing I would suggest is to continue to keep closer track of your bg levels even after you are feeling better if you have made adjustments to your insulin doses.

I hope you are feeling back to your old self soon!
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I remember from your earlier e-mails that you are not a type 1 diabetic, but a type 2 on oral medications. Your reading of slightly over 150 just after a meal is not something to get overly alarmed about while sick. People who are not diabetics fluctuate almost that much, from what I have been told. And your body's struggle with the virus will probably cause your sugar to be up a little while you are sick. So although I am a type 1 diabetic and am not a doctor, I don't personally think that this reading is anything to get concerned about after a snack of banana which is high in carbs. It is hard to find printed info on what fluctuation is considered "normal" after a meal, but I am going to send you to this web site which shows a chart that gives normal fluctuation ranges:
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