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unstable glucose levels

My 18-mo-old had a fundoplication on is having very unstable glucose levels - his "episodes" have become more frequent and today was example:

6:30am - woke up SCREAMING his head off (after waking up every 2 hours during the night with excessive thirst and peeing through 4 diapers - 8pm-6:30am - this is a typical night for us for past 9-10 months).

7am - glucose=65

7:30am - ate 1/4 cup dry crumbled cheerios/graham cracker mixture and drank 1/2 cup water

8:30am - lethargy, dark circles under eyes, retching a little bit, eventually completely limp and goes to sleep....glucose is 267

9am - still lethargic, but responsive to pinches..glucose is 200..eventually we get him to play

9:20am - minced chicken frank

10am - minced small pancake

noon - cranky, cranky, cranky, SCREAMING angry about ?..glucose is 66

This is a very typical scenario. However, today was the first day that we actually used glucose monitor.

He had a fundo on April 28 (immediately followed by cdiff and rotavirus).

He really retches (and has even vomited twice) followed by lethargy and sleep - if we include anything in his diet like diluted cow's milk, soymilk, rice milk, apple juice, pear juice, OJ, etc.

Other than the excessive thirst and excessive peeing at night (and never really sleeping too much), he LOVED milk and juice and most foods (thanks to a great OT) prior to his fundo. Now, he craves all of these things, but if he ingests his glucose levels go nuts.

Is this "dumping syndrome" or ? Isn't 267 one hour after small meal high?

Should we see endocronologist? Do you know of a good one in SD?
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I don't know if you know the normal pre-meal glucose ranges. Before meals, a range of 70-126 is considered normal. After meals, glucose levels up to 140-something are considered normal. Your little one was probably crying so hard when his glucose levels were low because he felt bad... when glucose levels drop below about 70, we feel pretty awful. The high reading over 200 certainly is way above where the normal level should be, so I agree that he should be checked by a pediatrician. Even if tests come back normal, I would recommend that he be tested often after this, for many type 1 diabetics start out with hypoglycemic episodes before full-fledged diabetes strikes. The pancreas in distress often produces too much insulin when stimulated by food that is carb-heavy, and then glucose levels drop too low. This may be what is happening, and your doctor should be told about all of these readings and about what foods were eaten beforehand.
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To find a pediatric endocrolongist in your area conatct you insurance or your local hospital. They will help youlocate adoctor in your insurance plan.
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I agree with Team WAK, have your child checked immediately.  Those are classic signs of diabetes, although I am not a medical doctor the only way to alleviate your worries is to have a physician check out the situation.

I wish you the best of luck.  We are always here to help.

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I am not physician but the mom of a type 1 diabetic.  I can not tellyou for sure,but  Below are the most common symptoms of type  1 diabetes at the time of diagnosis. :

Warning Signs of Type 1 Diabetes (these may occur suddenly)
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