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what to do in emergency ?

i would like to know , what to do , when there is an emergency , my wife get into low sometime at night , it goes as low as 40-45 .. what should i do at such times ,
also i would like to know , if giving coke at such low is ok ?

she does'nt want to keep a check on her sugar , before sleeping or she does'nt like to keep a track , she feel by doing this m it makes her feel sick . and tells its better i run away .

how can i keep her  happy and fit ?
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I would be asking your Dr for the glucagon kit so that you can rectify your wife's lows when she is not able to. Using glucose tablets, even glucose syrup plus calling an ambulance when you need to is important.
Its one thing to think you're okay or try to ignore the problems but you are obviously worried. I don't mean to appear rude but does your wife deal okay with actually having diabetes? She may need some help accepting what is required to deal with it and that it won't go away.
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Giving coke is ok IF she is conscious and able to drink herself, if not conscious she could choke. Glucose tablets are better to treat lows than coke. You can buy a glucogon kit to give her a shot should she become low and is not able to take a drink or eat a tablet. If not, you can always call an ambulance. Tell your wife that it is much better to take her blood sugar than have you leaning over her giving her coke or a shot. It is her diabetes she needs to take care of it.
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