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167 Sugar level

My mom is a diabetic and wanted to test my sugar. My blood level was 167, prior to testing I had  nothing to eat my last meal was coffee around 10 am and we tested around 3:00.  
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After seeing "prior to testing I had  nothing to eat my last meal was coffee around 10 am and we tested around 3:00.", and reading your AI posts, I ask;

1.] How much coffee? Caffeine dissipates around 1.5% per hour. If you drank 3-4 strong cups of coffee, with or without sugar, the leftover caffeine can skewer your test results. Try testing first thing in the morning [fasting] before you consumed any liquids or foods. This will provide you with a more accurate representation of your blood glucose levels. Be sure to calibrate the meter beforehand.

2.] Are you planning on seeing your doctor soon? As previously mentioned test your T1 & T2 antibodies. With an AI disorder your thyroid and/or pancreas may have issues which may cause impaired/elevated blood glucose levels.
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Unfortunately, that may certainly be the case. When you do see the doctor, also make sure he tests you for antibodies to determine if you are Type 1 or Type 2.
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this level is way too high for a non-diabetic, 5 hours without any food.  Would expect the level for a non-diabetic in this condition to be less than 100 (probably 80 - 90).

A visit to your doctor to test fasting glucose and HA1C is recommended.  You may have diabetes also.

You may also looking into diabetic type diet and make sure you are exercising daily.
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