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A question about high blood sugar

My blood sugar levels have gradually increased from normal to above normal in last one year. As per test three weeks back, my  fasting glucose was 115 and PP was 150. My doctor told to control diet and exercise.

However, during this period I am having problems with my digestion. Initially my doctor thought it was infections and he prescribed anti-biotics. However the problem persists.

After taking food the symptoms change from sweating to uneasyness to mild pain and gas. Since I am a heart patient I have gone through heart check to rule out heart.

Can blood glucose be causing this?
What should I do?.
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Your glucose [blood sugar] levels are higher than normal but not that high to cause gastrointestinal problems. I feel your issue is beyond the expertise of your current doctor. I suggest you see a Gastroenterologist, a doctor who trained and specializes in the digestive system and its disorders. Blood draws and possibly a scan is in order. Lastly, do not take anything unknown to you that may increase your discomfort further than it is. Good luck.
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150 PP is not abnormal. PP normal is 140 the extra 10 are due to errors.Since you are a heart patient a very low sugar level could become problematic. Take Unienyme for digestion.
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